PNC LOGIN: how to login to your PNC account

The PNC online banking system is the seventh largest bank in the United States by assets, and according to the Federal Reserve.

PNC Bank has been serving its customers for more than one hundred and sixty (160) years, and today those customers which includes the individuals and businesses owners are numbered more than 8 million.

And With so many people to serve, you ought to know that PNC offers online banking.

Now To take leverage on PNC’s online and mobile banking platforms, you equally need to know how to log in on the platform.

That’s why on this article we will teach you how to log in.


Note: you must have an account to be able to log in so if you don’t have an account yet then head to the official website of PNC to sign up and follow some few instructions.

To Log in from your laptop

  1. Enter your user ID
  2. Type in your password
  3. Click on the login button

If you haven’t enroll to the PNC online bank account, then click on the enroll for online banking link which is located beneath the login fields on the homepage then follow the instructions to enroll.

To enroll you will need this following credentials:

  1. Your social security number.
  2. Your PNC debit card pin or your online access pin.
  3. A PNC account.

You should be able to create your online credentials from there.

How To Log In to Your PNC Bank Account From a Mobile Phone or a Tablet

  1. First, you must have been enrolled to the PNC banking system.
  2. Make sure you download the right PNC application, for iOS user go to your App Store and for android users you should be able to download it from Google Play Store.
  3. Now Enter your user ID and password at the sign in screen on your homepage.

After this, you should be able to view your account balance and transaction histories.

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