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What is Roblox?

Roblox is a platform that houses millions of game players online, they do not only play games but can also connect and chat one another outside the game. It is a platform where you can play games with millions of players and it allows you to create or develop a game and launch it into the platform. It is more or less a social media platform you can connect and chat with other users.

Basically, it is a gaming platform combined with social media.

Roblox allows players to use their imagination in creating and developing games. So, it is that it has got people to be creative and innovative.

You can create anything base on your imagination and release it to the platform to be played on smartphones, desktop, iPhone, iPad, windows mac etc. you can connect and chat with massive number of people with quite an enthusiasm in developing games and you can share and tap into their ideas while they tap on your own too.

And you get to earn quite a handsome amount of money for doing what you love to do.

Origin of Roblox

The idea of creating Roblox gaming and social media platform stemmed from a company founded in 1989 which built a program that allows student and teachers to model out problems in physics using their virtual tools in physics

Are you a new user that wants to create your first game?

All it takes is a login detail into Roblox by creating a username and password. Then, go into the Roblox studio interface where you can develop a game. Therein are many game templates that can be your guide to make your imagination into a game.

After inputting your imaginations and you customize, you do every other thing there is to do, you should then select a file and name your game, also give it a description and you can then publish to Roblox to begin every other process.

How do you earn in Roblox?

Millions of people are making a living from their activities in Roblox gaming, for example, see the developer of the meep city game, Alex Binello, he earns millions because his game is estimated to have got 15 million players or visitors in July 2018.

All it takes for you to earn is to get a role-play in games, connect with friends and share ideas and develop a game that pulls in tons of players into Roblox.

Users can create virtual items, buy and sell on Roblox. Though only players with a premium membership can sell on Roblox.

Game developers in Roblox exchange Robux into real currency through the developer’s exchange system. (Robux is a virtual currency that players use to purchase games or items in Roblox.)

Players on Roblox can earn robux by either buying it with real money or can create a popular game that will pull in so many users so that they can share in the revenue generated from the in-game ads. The revenue will be split between developers and Roblox.

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Some of the games developed into Roblox

  • Murder mystery
  • Meep city
  • Jail break
  • Work at a pizza place
  • Hide and seek extreme
  • Prison life
  • Adopt me
  • Superhero tycoon
  • Royale high

Most of these games has been ranked according to how many players it has pulled into Roblox platform

Is Roblox safe for your kids?

The game is age-rated 7+ in the UK and Europe, and it is said to be safe for kids under the age of 13 and above and there is no age limit to play Roblox games, meaning children and adults can play the games and connect in the platform.

However, there had been controversial cases due to some sex and porn games created by some players in Roblox but, that seems to have been taken care of.

As of now, Parents can limit Roblox to show the type of games that is suitable for children to plays. (Though that’s not by default) and from the setting in Roblox, parents can also limit or control who can chat with their children on the platform.

So, all in all, we can say Roblox is safe for your children to play. It will not only keep them busy so you can have time for yourself but, it makes them creative and innovative such that, they start creating games base on their imaginations to Roblox.

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