If you are running a business and you already have a Pinterest account, you are lucky because you already know what Pinterest does and now you can expand your business potential with the help of this platform.

pinterest business account

You can now create your own Pinterest Business Account in order to promote and expand your business through social media marketing strategy. Here, it is all about the looks because you are promoting your company or brand through visual marketing strategy. This is really exciting and interesting to many people, especially those who are already familiar with the platform and are also trying to improve their commercial outreach.

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Why Pinterest is Preferred Now More Than Ever?

Pinterest has come up with a provision of using the platform for business purposes and following that, a lot of brands are jumping in to make use of this opportunity by setting up their Pinterest Business Accounts, or by converting their already existent personal accounts to a Business Account. This obviously has inflated the demand for this particular platform and has made it more popular than it had ever been, for the right reasons.

Pinterest has provided an easy path for the aspiring to establish their brands and make use of every marketing opportunity through a virtual, social network that is used by millions. It allows the user to exhibit their products through pictures (it could be a photo or infographics) in order for other people to ‘pin’ it, thus converting this online network into a sort of market structure that is transparent and viable. In this way, you get to discover your consumers’ preferences, observe their tastes and likes.

If you are already eager to get started, there are two possible paths that you could follow, depending on whether or not if you have a personal Pinterest account already.

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How to Get Started with a Pinterest Business Account

It is very easy to get started as all you have to do is sign up and give your details like the company’s name, your contact name, email address, etc. and also your profile picture or logo. It is also essential to give the appropriate keywords through which your business or brand will be identified with and to describe it in a brief, yet elegant manner. After that, your account will have to be verified which is not that much of a hassle.

After the verification, you can start pinning, and Pinterest provides you with a very compact guidance system which will get you familiarized with your Pinterest Business Account. You can then start setting up boards and also attract traffic to your website through the pins on your content. It will take some time, but this gradual improvement will be worthwhile if you manage to do a good job with the content.

You can also follow other people, who could also be your potential clients. Your Pinterest Business Account will be set up after these steps, in its rudimentary state. Do not rush into filling the details and other content to attract people. Just take the time and effort to make it as interesting as possible by careful observation of consumer behaviour and general consumption patterns.


If you want to convert your existing profile to a Pinterest Business Account, all you have to do is update the information in your profile, by choosing your business type, giving a description and linking your official website, and click on the ‘Convert’ button. You could then ask anyone who is even slightly tech-experienced, how to verify your website. These simple steps will ensure a ‘brand’ new Pinterest Business Account for you, which you could use to gradually develop your business goals or to reach out to a focus group.