Phoenix Browser: How to Download Videos on Phoenix Browser.


Phoenix browser is the best free web browser app conjoined with so many other functions such as quick video downloading, incognito browsing, data saving and it helps you access or detects which videos are downloadable on a website, you can access news, games and music. In this article, we are most concerned with videos, how to download videos on phoenix browser.

Important information online is now shared in the form of videos, if you really want your activity to trend online or you want your information to go viral, make it into a video. Well, our concern here is how you download some videos online easily from websites. Phoenix browser is here to help you.

You know how annoying it feels when you want to download movies online and the site requires either you create an account or keep redirecting you to other different sites before you can download the movie or sometimes you get frustrated and forget about downloading the movie. Imagine having a browser that with it, you can instantly detect a video and download it without going through so much stress.

So, how to download videos from any website using phoenix browser

First, you have to download the browser; you can download it from play store or any trusted site.

Launch the browser and enter the website you want to download from

When you find a video you are interested in you will find the download button on the screen by the right

Click the download button and download video

Note: phoenix browser smart download function does not apply to YouTube videos

Some of the features in phoenix browser

Download video

The most important feature, for downloading videos, phoenix browser automatically detect downloadable videos from any website. You can download and save online videos from almost every website. With smart detection function, phoenix browser informs you of any online video that is downloadable. However, the YouTube website is not available because of Google’s policy. And it has a built-in video player on which you can watch videos directly without leaving the app.

Privacy mode

This makes your browsing go incognito and leave no history or trace. That is, your history is easily erased as such keeps your privacy protected.


This help save your favourite websites and pages from websites such that you can easily revisit them later

Data saving

This can help you save cellular data by compressing data and speed up navigation. You save more data the more you browse.

You can add a shortcut of your favourite websites or social media site like WhatsApp, Facebook, and twitter for quick access and save space downloading the app to your phone

Phoenix browser supports different search engines as such; you can switch to different search engines as you like. Some of the ones supported are Google, yahoo, ask, duckduckgo Bing etc

You can browse smoother when you use multi-tab manager feature such that you can easily switch pages from multiple websites

Interestingly you can conserve data when you switch to ‘no image mode’. This will disable images and videos from loading.

You can block Ads or pop-ups and banners. This will not only speed up the loading of pages but it will also reduce data usage

You can switch devices when browsing. That is, you can switch from mobile mode to the PC browser mode. Cross-device browsing

Phoenix browser provides you with news updates on entertainment, sports, health, business, technology, science etc., and you can play H5 games free of charge.

Phoenix has the night and light mode to protect your eyes when browsing. And it can read or scan QR codes.

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