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Paystand is a type of online payment system that was founded in 2013, and has its headquarters in the United States. It is a kind of enterprise payments processing system in Digitizing customers account. Paystand is a private business and was founded by Jeremy Almond and Scott Campbell. Paystand products include; POS, online payments, mobile payments, and bitcoin payment. The Paystand website is


Paystand work and focus is to make use of blockchain, modern internet, and technology to change B2B payments. Paystand change payments as a service, creating a model as smart bills and payment networks that can as well receive, reduction in time process, making new revenue and reduce transaction amount involved.

Features of PayStand

Paystand services help to upgrade or grow business customers sites in order to make the payer take payment in any digital use. For instance, we have the credit card. E-check and ACH. In the year 2004, paystand receives TiE50 Award for bringing up the online payment technology.

PayStand Technology

Paystand technology includes e-check, mobile payments, e-cash/bitcoins, and credit cards. The services are explained each below for better understanding.

  • E-check– this accepts bank payments from individual customers in order to make a fraction of the fees incurred by credits cards. This includes echeck as a choice in an individual web checkout or gets the paper check as echeck with the mobile photo check capture.
  • Credit card– this accepts credit cards for a single flat rate, individual mobile device or online. Which is easily comprise a checkout gateway on one website. And also pass credit card in exchange for fees into one customer as a choice.
  • Paystand mobile payment Technology; this takes payments anywhere your business is done in small rates than a restrictive sales of point. One business is taken to the higher or next level with a single mobile app for checks, credit card, and bitcoin.
  • Ecash/bitcoin; the cash of the internet is 0% method of payments in one checkout. Also, accept bitcoin on your mobile device and website. You can manage the payment of your bitcoin which is in the same places check payments and credit card.

Why Work at PayStand?

Some of the reasons why individual works at paystand are due to a minded people are making a way for a perfect financial system and also making the glove a better place for more business ventures. This includes the following reason why to work at paystand.

  • Firstly to establish or build a real business; there is customers revenue which grows fast that you will see what it is to build a long achieve business in it as it last.
  • Also, it makes a difference; individual member of the team have the access to get a game transform effect in the growing company. They make sure they solve any difficult financial system. It is the commencement of the digital money revolution and one can be among the democratizing of the economic process.
  • Paystand also enjoys awesome cultural activities. They play and work hard together. For instance, movie nights, afternoon pinball games, lunch surf sessions and lots more inclusively. They also spend a few days in a very nice place two times in a year in a place like a Lake Tahoe to enhance more in order to plan better for the future.
  • Paystand Competitive compensation. They give out competitive salaries, full benefits, great equity packages, and amazing surprises to their workers or employees in a way of motivating them for their hard works.
  • Paystand also has an incredible location. They are sited at one of the most amazing and wonderful places on the planet which is known as the coastal bay area which is very close to San Francisco and silicon valley.

In conclusion, paystand is one of the best American company that has helped in providing technology, that upgrades business sites and also helps in online payments.

More about PayStand? Check here.

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