The requirements for a secure PayPal password

Password and PIN security

Having a secure and unique password for each of your online accounts is critically important. If a scammer gets just one password, they can begin to access your other accounts. That’s why it’s significant to have a strong, unique password for your PayPal login.

Use unique passwords

Weak passwords make one vulnerable to hacking. But using the same password across multiple websites is an even bigger security concern. Statistics shows that the majority of people use three or lesser passwords across twenty or more Internet platforms. This means that a password is only as secure as the weakest among Internet site that uses it.

PayPal uses the best industry-standard techniques to make sure passwords are fully secure and they train their personnel in best security practices. But if another website has weaker security, even a strong password could be easily compromised.

A Strong password

Strong passwords have the following characteristics:

Use More than 8 characters long.
Use lower case, upper case, some numbers, and special characters [like) (*&^ %$#@!~>+|>
Misspelt words are stronger because they are not in the dictionary used by attackers.
Something you can remember and anyone can’t easily imagine.
We use a password strength checker to help make sure new passwords are strong.

One good way of keeping multiple passwords is writing them in a personal diary. You can use passwords that are different from each other, and you don’t face the risk of having to forget them. You don’t want to write them down in their entirety, or you risk somebody stealing your list of passwords where you have written them.

To avoid compromising your security, if somebody gets a hold of your password list, don’t write the passwords in their entirety. Memorize one part and write the others down. You can use the memorized part of your passwords for several accounts to help make it easier to recall; only the written parts should be different

Of course, it’s never enough for either part of your passwords to be just a few characters long. That would make it too easy to guess and further use your accounts. So make each part at least 6 characters in length. And don’t forget to keep a copy of the list safe somewhere.

PIN security
PayPal Mobile applications, Point of Sale, and other web pages use a PIN.

Just like passwords, it’s important that the PIN not to be re-used across multiple websites; the PIN would only be as secure as the weakest site that uses it. So use a unique PIN for PayPal account always.
PayPal requires a 4-8-digit numeric PIN. Longer PINs are stronger than the shorter ones: a 4-digits PIN has a 2 in 20 thousand chance of being guessed, but an 8-digit PIN is 1 in a one hundred million. The more digits your PIN uses, the more secure it will become.

Do not select a trivial PIN like 4321 or 0000; these are the most common and most easily guessed passwords. The same goes for using your dates of birth as password people that are familiar with you might easily guess this. And again do not use phone numbers because these can be easily looked up.
We hereby recommend a guide: think of a memorable image and spell the words using the numeric pad. For example, if you imagine a black snow, you would enter 2583269, which is B-L-U-E-C-O-W on the numeric pad. This is both easy to remember and secure as well.

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