Sometimes it gets tiring to shop online since you have to continually re-enter your information for every transaction, that’s why Paypal is so awesome. It is an online payment system that saves you the trouble of having to input your information every time you shop online and the best part about setting up a Paypal account is that it is so easy, you can be done and ready to use your new account in a matter of minutes. With Paypal, you can easily shop on eBay because Paypal is integrated into the payment methods of eBay during the checkout session.

Paypal is one of the best world’s online money transfer platform, it has millions of users around the world that uses it to send and receive money. Although, for a couple of years, Paypal shut Nigeria out of its site due to their unsavoury reputation for internet fraud lately Paypal has opened its doors to Nigeria. If you’re really interested in how to set up a Paypal Account, read on…


There are two ways to set up a Paypal Account, either on the Paypal website or on the Paypal app which you can get in your app store but at the end of it all, the account creation process is the same on both sides.

On the website or app, click ‘sign up’ to begin creating your account. Once you click on the ‘sign up’ link, two options will pop up and you will have the option to open a business account or a personal account.

The personal account is completely free but there are two options in the business account and each has different structures and benefits. There’s the standard account and the Pro account. The standard account is completely free but the Pro account cost $30 every month because it gives you full control over your checkout process.

How to Open a Paypal Account

  1. Once you choose the type of account you would prefer, it leads to a page where you are required to enter your email address and create a password. It is important to note that your password must be up to six characters. Your password should also be strong and not typical so nobody else can be able to access your account and financial details. Make sure you also enter a valid email address because Paypal will require you to confirm your email so as to verify your account.
  2. Next page requires you to provide your personal information which includes your name, address and phone number. This is required to proceed in the account creation process.
  3. Next, Paypal will require you to enter your credit card or debit card details. You can skip this part for now but will eventually need to enter it because Paypal needs it to verify your account. Paypal gives you an option to link your bank first if you are not ready to input your card details.
  4. You will have to provide your bank account details if you ever plan on receiving money and being able to transfer it to your bank account through your Paypal account. Again, you can skip this part for now and click the ‘I’ll link my bank later’ option provided on the page. You will be asked to confirm your choice to skip by Paypal.
  5. Next, You have to apply for a Paypal credit. Before you’re finally done opening your account, Paypal will ask you to sign up for a line of credit. You can choose to opt out, of course, and you are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before choosing to apply but if you are not interested, just click the ‘no thanks’ link provided.
  6. Lastly, to start using your account, you have to confirm your email address. Paypal will send a confirmation email to your email address which you would have to open and click the ‘yes, this is my email’ button to vary your email address.


It is important to link your bank account with your Paypal account if you want to be able to receive and transfer funds from your Paypal account. Paypal will provide you with a ‘link a bank’ option on your summary page. It is so much cheaper to send money from your Paypal account than with your credit or debit card. You will also need to enter your debit and credit card details before your account is fully ready to use. Once you’ve done this, then your Paypal account is fully set up and ready to be used.

If this article was helpful in educating you on how to set up a Paypal account or if you have any questions, let us know in the comment session below.