Paypal is an American company that operates globally in online transaction services. The service paved way for fund transactions such as money transfer and also electronics options to local paper methods such as money and checks. In other words, PayPal is very quick and safe to send money.

paypal account benefit

Paypal as an online payment solutions company that helps in securing an online payment. The service is fast, efficient and well secured.

Benefits of Creating a PayPal Account

There are several benefits you get to enjoy using paypal. Although you have to create an account to enjoy this benefit. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • Firstly, it makes it easy and instantly in the process of activating an account.
  • Individuals receive the protection from PayPal services like 100% assurance.
  • There are higher transaction success rates at more than 9 million international business sites located.
  • Also, you can get an exclusive mind of discounts and also a free transportation or shipping to Nigeria in taking part in the business sites.
  • Paypal benefits are one in which you don’t need to input one card details in the process of performing payments on PayPal makes websites. An individual shop is very secured with just your email and also the password.
  • Also,you can receive a complete refund from PayPal in replaced purchases. For instance, when a damaged or bad goods are been sent or in a case where products or items are not been delivered as expected on time.
  • Paypal benefits also help to secure your information’s personally in order not to reveal or share your financial information with any merchant in the business process.

How does PayPal Work?

There are several methods through which PayPal works which you might not know. And there are also many ways in which to fund the money you transfer or send to another person via PayPal which include the following procedures;

  • Firstly is the instant transfer. it is very fast because the receiver immediately gets the alert credited to his or her account. You can also send or transfer money to your personal bank account, make a transfer. You must have a credit and debit card registered with PayPal as a means of back up for the fund. It’s less of writing a very secure check and not revealing any of the personal information of the transaction.
  • We also have the PayPal balance. in a case where an individual send you money via PayPal, you, therefore, have a balance in your PayPal account. This balance is also applied to any other purchases you have already made. Then when you don’t have any balance in your account, then you have the option to pay by using a credit card. In order words, it is very fast and flexible to keep your book balance in a case where you withdraw any PayPal balance.
  • Lastly is the credit card. With Paypal credit card, your transactions are secured. This help in the case of fraud.

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How to Send Money with PayPal

There are different ways of making payment through PayPal. But based on what you are paying for, below are some of the various ways through which you can send money via PayPal.

  • Paying for eBay items: in a case where an individual is purchasing an eBay item using eBay, it’s a must one needs to pay via eBay check-out system.
  • Paypal services; through web design, bookkeeping and others, an individual can send a payment for service done by you or your business.
  • Goods order; by clicking on this, an individual can send money to anybody around the globe at any particular time. This is also a means of making transaction more easy band fast to access.
  • Lastly, is the personal: this is also a means of using PayPal for unforeseen circumstances. For instance, when using it to save one from any form of unexpected issues that involves funds

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