Papyrs Employee Portal Review

Papyrs Employee Portal
An employee portal also known as an enterprise portal or intranet portal is a secure website where you can share and discuss information easily within your organization or company, which keep all your staff on the same page.

Papyrs is a great way to create an online portal for your company. However, You can customize pages easily by simply drag & drop, and it only takes a minute to invite everyone and get started! Below is an overview of some of the features which can help you to improve communication and work faster together.

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Activity Stream

A feed of all the activity stream is an effective way of getting a quick overview of who has been working on what, and to quickly post announcements and company news, or post questions & answers. The activity stream in Papyrs is a place where all updates come together: comments from individual pages, content updates, new form submissions and status updates. Also, you can follow the activity in certain subgroups, which includes departments.

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Collect information and process requests with forms

Using the user-friendly drag & drop interface, you can also build a custom online forms directly on your Papyrs intranet pages. However, you can add the exact fields you want, without any technical knowledge. This allows you to process all kinds of workflows. For instance, you can create a form for timesheets, travel expense reimbursements, mileage logs, leave of absence requests, expense tracking, vacancy applications, event registration, room bookings, issue tracking or anything else you want easily.

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With additional settings, you can set who is allowed to see the filled out forms (that is who is the administrator), and who should be notified by email when a new form is being submitted, or when the status of a request is changed. These Administrators can create reports of the filled out data also, or even export them to a spreadsheet.

People directory & profiles

Everyone in the intranet can have a profile page where they can list contact information, their fields of expertise, a comment section, useful tips or documents. And this is due to a profile page is a page like any other, the person can also edit their page and add all kinds of other widgets.

The Profile pages are very accessible and explorable by using the People Directory, which lists the people inside the organization by their subgroup (for example; department). It is possible also to restrict access to certain profiles or to the entire directory.

Rich Intranet Pages

The most important goals of an intranet or the portal are to allow for effective knowledge sharing.

With Papyrs, any employee (with sufficient permissions) can contribute by adding pages to the intranet with simple drag & drop. This Pages are very flexible which will be used to write some simple documents (for examples like a wiki or knowledge base), share important documents, publish forms, create a dashboard or create rich internal web pages.

The version history of all these pages is available to make it very easy to keep track of progress and to never lose any important information.

Many, much more

Papyrs is packed with features to make online collaboration easier, faster and hopefully more enjoyable.

You can also search as you type integrated search, to fine-grained permission settings, to social media widgets, theming and customization, to sharing and creating an extranet. If you are a Google Apps user, then we also offer integration with Google Calendar, Google Docs and provide Single Sign-On. And If you want to give it a try, you can sign up for the free trial below and get started within some few seconds.