Pandora app review

If you are a music lover enjoying music to the core, downloading and saving them on your phone may not be so exciting anymore. Now there are quite a number of music streaming platform that helps you create a station of interesting music. The Pandora app is our pick. Pandora is also called Pandora internet radio or Pandora radio.

Pandora is the largest internet radio style app or a streaming music provider and podcast discovery platform-providing user with a highly personalized experience. With its affiliation or in itself as an industry-leading digital audio advertising platform, it provides listeners with varieties of audio entertainment they love.

Pandora observes your taste in music and makes recommendations accordingly through its music Genome project… And this happens when you listen to more music and at a high rate. That way you get to know about new music releases. The music Genome project on Pandora is the engine that drives it to provide you with songs you like based on what you listen.

So, Pandora will create a station for you when you search for music by the name of and artists, genre or song. And a very good part of it is that it is sleek and easy to navigate through and use. It provides you with a massive library of songs.

Important things to note

The Pandora music streaming service allows you to create a radio station of music base on genres, artists, music albums, and specific songs

Download and install Pandora radio app

A simple and quick tour on how to download and install Pandora app goes thus

Go to play store or app store on your phone,

Tap on the search icon and type Pandora and play store will bring out some suggestions. Find one of Pandora ant tap on it.

Once selected, tap the install button and wait for the app to download and it installs automatically into your home device.

How to sign up with Pandora and listen to amazing music

There are about two methods

Step one

To Pandora website by typing on your browser,

Once open, you will see a sign-up tab by the top right-hand corner, tap on that

Fill out the form that appears by entering your email address, your birth year, password, postal code, and gender in the necessary boxes.

Then click sign up to register. Once registered, you can start listening to varieties of the music of your choice.

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Step two: using the app

You can launch the app and on the screen tap on register free button.

There a registration form will screen appear, enter the necessary information as in email address, birth year, password, postal code and gender and then register.

How much data Pandora uses

Listening to music on Pandora using Wi-Fi or data connections actually consumes data and thus you need to understand and manage how much data you spend listening to music on Pandora.

Thus, listening to music on Pandora for one hour per day would have you spend over 1GB of data for a month. And this is the free edition for streaming music on Pandora.

Hence, there is the cellular edition of which default is set at 64 Kbps to a max of 128 Kbps. And there is the premium edition.

Pandora music offline

You can enable your account for offline listening to music. Tap on the three-dot lines at the top left corner of the app when you launch the app. That will bring out the menu. From the menu, you will find ‘offline mode’ slider. Slide the bar to the right and offline mode should be initiated on your Pandora. Pandora will then synchronize some of your stations onto your phone and then make them available for you offline.

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