Google hires John Bruno, a Key Chip Designer from Apple


Google looking to improve and design the state of the art devices by hiring an outstanding and experienced key chip designer from Apple. Google, the leading search giants, has hired an experienced chip designer from Apple. And he goes by the name John Bruno. According to Bruno’s LinkedIn profile, he started as a graphic veteran … Read more

Whatsapp will Stop Working on some Smartphones in 2018

whatsapp to stop working

Whatsapp has announced that Whatsapp will stop working on some phones starting from December 31, 2017. Whatsapp can be considered as the most used messaging app by mobile device users. The Whatsapp cuts across various devices and operating systems. Unfortunately, it is looking like it won’t be available for some Smartphone users. And this is because it has been made known … Read more

Haven – Edward Snowden’ s App Helps Protect Devices from Intruders

haven app

Edward Snowden, a former United States central intelligence Agency employee and the Freedom of Press Foundation has built a free app which when installed on your portable Android device can turn your device into a surveillance system. This free app is called the “Haven”. What Inspired the building of the Haven app? Edward Snowden was … Read more

Firefox and Silk Browser has been added to Amazon Fire TV

amazon fire tv

Amazon has just added Mozilla Firefox and Silk Browsers on their fire TV. The service is available to over a 100 countries. With this new update, Amazon Fire TV users can now access the world wide web and use features that these browsers would normally have on the desktop. According to the Senior Vice President … Read more

Chrome 64 Beta – Mute Autoplay Videos with the New Update


Autoplay features are things we come across frequently these days. Mostly used by publishers to keep visitors glued to the site, the autoplay videos can be very annoying sometimes. The annoying part could be from a sudden burst of music while browsing in a quiet environment. Not to talk about the extra data usage it’s … Read more