Open eBay Store | How to Open an eBay Store Online

Open eBay is a term used when you have registered with the eBay account and you are trying to log in as an eBay user. Open eBay renders or offers you a more personalized wider shopping experience in a way that it enables you to know your best sellers or buyers.

open eBay stores

Open eBay allows you to exchange messages with other eBay members and also helps you to keep in touch with all your buying and selling activities and those items you have already saved.

How to Open Ebay to Exchange Messages with other eBay Members

To open eBay in other to exchange messages with other eBay members, follow the step below.

  • The first thing to do is to go to the eBay sign-in page
  • Next, enter your email address or your username
  • Also, enter your password
  • Then click on the sign in button.

Things to know to Open an eBay Store

To open your eBay store, you need to meet certain criteria which are;

  1. You have to be a PayPal verified user to open a basic shop.
  2. You must be a registered business seller on eBay.
  3. Also, you must as well maintain an average 4.4 score and above for a twelve months average.

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How to Open eBay Store

To open an eBay store, decide on which package you will like to go for. Below are the procedures on how to open an eBay store

  • Go to your own account
  • Then choose your subscription
  • Then you select a store
  • Also, you find the store type you will like to subscribe to and choose “select and review”.
  • Then you select the “subscriber term” either monthly or yearly and you can now enter the “name” for your store.
  • Click on the “submit order” to buy the store subscription.

What are the Benefits of Opening an eBay Store?

Below are some of the benefits of opening a store on eBay.

  • You get free picture pack from the open eBay store
  • Secondly on the benefits derived from opening an eBay store is the promotion boxes
  • Also is the three hundred store categories
  • Also the off eBay email marketing
  • Then the vacation hold
  • Also is the listing feeds
  • Traffic reports
  • Downloadable promotional flyers
  • Custom store header
  • Web addresses
  • Fifteen custom pages
  • Selling manager
  • And lastly the discounted fixed prices insertion fee.
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