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Facebook added Facebook job features to help job hunters around the world to find jobs in their locality and allow business owners to post their openings through their company business page.

How to create job posts for open positions at your company on your business page.

Go to your business page, just right above write a post box. Click on Job icon.

Enter a job title, give a short descriptive title for the job position, add a specific address detail to your post to help locate job seeker that is closer, input the salary range, specify if its a full time, part-time, internship or volunteer job, give the full detailed description of your job requirement, Add a photo (optional) to help the employee picture what the job will be like, and lastly enter your email address if you’d like to receive job applications by email instead of your Page messages inbox.

Click post job or you can boost your job to reach more people, ensure you set your audience, duration and budget

Ensure your Job posts follow the Page Policies.

Click Manage Jobs at the top of your Page to see all job applications that have been submitted, or check your email if you chose to receive applications by email. Note that job posts automatically expire after 30 days you might see the job post but Page visitors won’t be able to see the job post on your Page after 30 days. However, you can renew it.

Benefits of the Facebook job to an employer

Find the qualified candidate easily: Bypass the stress of finding the right candidate for your business, all you need to do is post the job opening on your Facebook business page and start getting application via emails or direct message. Creating a job opening post is for free.

Your job post on Facebook has the capacity of reaching a large number of potential applicants, it will appear in the new jobs bookmark, Facebook marketplace, and many other places. You can also boost your job post from your Facebook business Page to reach a larger potential audience.

The Facebook job will link your post to your business page, in that way, an interested applicant will have the opportunity to know more about the job opening and also about your company or business before applying. The employee will be more informed and decide if they are qualified for the job before applying.

Once they apply, you can easily track, review and reply to their application through your mobile phone or desktop and also contact them via Facebook messenger to decide time and venue for the one on one interview if necessary.

How to find and apply to a Facebook Page’s job post?

Go to the left column of your News Feed page and click Job, from there you can search for available jobs and also determine the job openings notification you receive by selecting the job type you want, your location and click subscribe. You may find job posts on your News Feed, Facebook marketplace.
You can visit any company page to check for a job posting. In the left column of the company’s page, click on the job to check if they are recruiting at the moment. If there isn’t any job tab, the company might not have a job opening yet.

How to apply for a Facebook job post.

Click on any job link of your choice then, click ‘Apply Now’
Fill in your personal details (for example your name experience and education). Ensure you meet the employer requirements.
Click Send.
Your application will be sent to your employer as a message, you can as well expect their feedback in your Facebook inbox.

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