When Cupid Strikes Digitally
This is the era of digital dating. A person can find a date just by clicking on some buttons. Thanks to technology it is easy to find a partner and get connected with someone online. Many singles now opt for digital dating which is very different from the traditional in-person dating.

Online Dating Sites Matchmaking and Login

Digital dating has come a long way and is becoming more popular than it was earlier. A decade ago the online dating sites were not very safe and people were not very comfortable using them. They were sceptical of giving out their details online due to safety reasons. There were long questionnaires to be filled with oneself and the person desired, which was quite tedious.

But nowadays the dating apps and sites are much safer with better technologies. They use Behavioral matchmaking software that gives the users better matches. These provide massive databases of loyal members providing an array of people to choose from than in a traditional setup.

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Functioning of a Dating Site

Any online dating site or app have a common way of functioning. It starts with profile creation, verification of the account and meeting other users.

Creation of Profile:

  • The user has to create his or her profile which is fairly easy if they have a Google or Facebook account. The person has to log in to their social media accounts then the dating site prompts certain basic questions to be answered like gender and partner preference, birthday and zip code.
  • The website then asks about the ethnicity, marital status, education, kids, height, religion, etc.
  • The profile pic is then uploaded from Google or Facebook account. This whole process hardly takes a minute or so.
  • The User can upload more pictures and also can give a small write up about himself and his idea about an ideal date.

Verification of profile:

This is the next step and is very easily done. The verification of the account is done in the following ways:

  • Photo: On choosing photo verification method the app gives certain instructions. The smartphone is kept at arm’s length and has to record when prompted. The idea is to know if the person is just placing a picture in front of the camera or is an actual person. The website can even prompt to turn the head to the right and then left. The photo is then sent to the administrators for verification, which may even take a few hours to complete.
  • Phone Number: By this method, verification happens in a few The website sends a verification code through SMS which needs to be entered.

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Refining of matches:

Some of the dating sites allow refining the matches by going through the profiles of other members and allows to read, send and receive messages. This generally comes with paid membership.

Even though with a lot of verification system in place, there is also a large number of fake profiles found on these websites who spam the people with suspicious and deceptive people adverting all kind of different service. So it is important for someone logging in for dating services to avoid the fraudulent ones and only interact with the verified accounts to avoid unwanted messages and requests.