OBB File Apk opener: How to Extract an OBB file

OBB file APK opener

OBB is an abbreviation of the words Opaque Binary Blob. This is a file format used by developers of android app to package large files stored by their apps in SD card of a user’s android device. What is meant here is that you may not know, but some files used by some android apps may contain a large or additional app data that is not stored in the application package. That is the APK file, and as such, app developers need to use different files to store that additional app asset or data. That is where the OBB file comes in. The android developers can thus upload these additional assets with APK file, so, users will now download both the APK file and the additional assets in which case the additional assets are packed in the public SD card of the users android device.

The OBB file is like an extension of a downloaded app from any android device’s play store, which help to store additional information or assets that cannot be stored in the limited storage of an app. This file stored additional information in a binary format. Users may not really know of the existence of any OBB file on their devices, however, if known to any user he is advised not to uninstall the file. This is to ensure that those android apps that needed them to work properly can continue to work properly.

Downloading the OBB file

When you intend to download the OBB file, you need to fulfil the following requirements

You need to have a working android device with the version of at least 4.0

Also, you need to download the link that can get you to download the latest version of ES file explorer for extracting the file

Then download the link that will take you to download the latest version of the OBB file

Have a network connection for downloading the settings

And finally, you need a very big space on your SD card for storing the OBB file as it has a large size

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How to extract an OBB file

The number one requirement for extracting OBB file is to download and install an ES file explorer first

Then download the mod APK file (that is, a modified version) of your favourite game app with it OBB file. It is advised that you save the OBB file to an SD card because of its large file.

You should now launch the ES file explorer and locate the mod APK to install

Do not open the mod APK yet, but locate the OBB file in the ES file explorer and click on it

You will be asked about ES zip viewer, and the OBB file will open.

At the top right-hand corner is a small box of an arrow. That is the extract button. Click on it to extract the OBB file.

The ES file explorer will ask for a location you will want to extract the OBB file to. It is advisable that you extract to an OBB folder, if there is no OBB folder on your device, then you should create one

After selecting a folder to extract to then, click ok and the OBB file will start extracting.

Once it finish extracting, you can now go the mod APK to enjoy the modified version of your downloaded apps.


Many of us using smartphones whether it is an android or Apple iOS actually have little knowledge about all the features contained in our devices. Most people only care about the basic features and use of their phone not knowing they can do much more than just downloading and installing a piece of an app from Google play store. So there is need to enlighten us about some hidden features in our phones.

Hope this was helpful.

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