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O2TvSeries – best TV Shows Site
Now you probably have come across various websites where you can watch movies and TV Shows non-stop. Well great, but hey have you thought of sites where you can not just watch TV Series alone, you also get to download for free! Yes free.

Like you know not everyone has the time to sit down glued to their screen without doing some other handy duties, even at that some of us don’t want to miss our lovely series. So if you like any of the above, drum rolls as we are going to give it up to 02tvseries!!!! Yas this site is ‘da bomb’.

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Before we head on to the main features of 02tvseries let me just loud their horn a bit.
Trust me guys a lot of sites have done well but this one has to be on my top list. Yeah, I do have others making my top list.

O2tvseries has not just Free tv series, but they have up to date series of all genre like recent releases. So if you are like me who hates the idea of a cinema because we exhibit some anxiety disorder, well o2tvseries just came to our rescue. Because we have all new series movies with just a click on the site.

Judging from the review of so many downloaders from o2tvseries, it is encouraging to note that, this site is quite outstanding from everyone based on the positive feedback.

I think am done wowing them.

What you will see on O2TvSeries Homepage

Like previously said, the tv series website is well organized and easy to navigate.

  • On getting to the site’s homepage you will be wowed. On the top page, we have the home, list all tv series, list all genre. Just below it is their social media platform on Facebook.
  • Just below this, is the search bar, if you are impatient you don’t want to look through the neatly arranged orders, or an oversight in your scrolling just hit the search bar. Take, for example, click on it and search for “The Flash” it brings out all series and episodes following.
  • Next is recently added episodes of various series, then the list of TV series.

I will suggest you like their page, so you don’t miss out on their numerous update as they are quite active. Kudos to them over 11k followers. And if you are like me who can’t keep quiet on the slightest difficulty faced on any site, feel free to burst their instant message. Thank me later

O2TvSeries Features | TV Series Listing

To the way o2tvseries has their site arranged, even the not so ‘techy’ folks can access it. It’s such a simple well organized beautifully worked on site.

They have titles of movies and series listed and organized in an alphabetical order, making it easy for us to search for our movies without the stress of wasting internet data (if you come from my part of the world where we use data not wifi, quite frustrating, anyway gist for another day).

Aside from the alphabetical arrangement of movies, o2tvseries has this interesting way of uploading new movie release like new episodes just ahead of the older ones arranged alphabetically. If you thinking in my direction, eventually as new movies are released they will join the alphabetically arranged ones. Left to me I really do love this idea.

02tvseries also gives the option of what quality of the movie you would like to download. Meaning you just have to shoot your shot properly (hahaha, I hope that statement makes sense) provided you have your data to pay for it. The higher the quality, the more data usage.

On which browser to use, I think it’s best to use what works best for you. Although it’s been suggested to go for UC browser, personally I haven’t tried this. You could also suggest the one that works perfectly for you in the comment section. I mean no harm for a change. So whichever one, happy downloading.

Okay, guys enough of highlights about 02tvseries. Let’s talk about how to get our favorite movies from the site online straight to our device offline.

How to Download TV Series on O2TvSeries

First thing first you will need to go to their site using your favorite browser.

  1. o2tvseries.com which is the official homepage of o2tvseries.
  2. Browser through the tv shows categories or list to find the movie you want to download. Do this by using the search bar or browsing the list which is sorted out alphabetically.
  3. After finding the TV Series, click on it. Note, clicking through the website can open another tab which are ads pages, simply close it to return back to the original page.
  4. The next page will show you Season List of the TV Show. Click on the first season (say, season 1). Note, this page also shows you the TV Show description and cast.
  5. Click on the episodes you wish to download. Note, make sure you don’t forget to close the irrelevant ad pages that open during clicks.
  6. Select the TV Show quality (Mp4 or 3Gp) you want to download.
  7. You will be redirected to a page that will want to confirm if you are human (This feature is new on o2tvseries and it helps to avoid spams). Click on the security check (I am not a robot), after which you click on “Continue Download”. The TV Series should immediately start downloading.

Tip: For fast download, use UC Browser on Phone and tablet devices and IDM on PC.


Like I said earlier, 02tvseries is a very easy to access site, you shouldn’t experience any difficulties in downloading TV Series as all you need to do is, once you know the Show you want to download, click on it and you will be required to choose which quality you would like, after which your download is set to roll.

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