Nox Player App: Android Emulator for PC

There are quite a number of android emulators for PC out there. If you don’t know what an android emulator is, do not worry. If for some time back then you had wished you can get that your android game into your computer or laptop but did not know what those android emulators do.

So, Nox player is the latest advanced android emulator for android users. An emulator is any software for android users who wants to have their android game apps and play on their PC or wants to install some of their android apps on their PC.

What is Nox Player Android Emulator?

Android emulators facilitate the running of android mobile applications on another device like a PC or laptop. It is any software which allows users to download games or any of their favourite mobile applications on their PC and run it therein.

Nox Player app, on the other hand, is one of the best android emulator app that has full optimization and is so free to download in order to run android apps and play games on your PC

Some of Nox player’s Good Features

  • It is free to download: that is, you do not run the risk of downloading something that may not work, so it enables you to save money.
  • Interestingly the nox player android emulator is compatible with the most frequently downloaded mobile game apps and other social apps
  • Has in-built video and macro recorder
  • You can easily adapt to it by configuration. That is, it offers many configuration possibilities to have the experience you need
  • The user interface is so easy to use that a newbie has no problem in configuring it and use it to his taste.
  • Also, the Nox player app is compatible with all windows be it window 7, 8 or 10

Download Nox Player App for your PC

Download nox player app for windows for free while following these steps

First, visit a website that offers it for download such as Filehippo. Or go to the official website of nox player app to download it.

The downloading process is going to be fast because the application file is of small size. Thus, follow the indicated steps on the website to download

The next step is to accept the license permissions and continue. And that is it- you just have downloaded the nox player app

Launch the app, and a welcome screen will appear to allow you to perform certain operations for a start. Such as to activate and configure the application. You will see a setup file, click on it to start the installation process.

Then you can now execute applications and games that you want on your computer system.

However, you will have to set a Google account with an ID and password, so that you can download an app from Google play store to your system.

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Other Types of Android Emulator

Also, you may search for these other android emulators


Android Studio’s emulator



Bliss OS



Remix OS player

Genymotion Cloud

Prime OS






PSX emulator


Now, you are abreast with what nox player app is all about, how it works and how you can get it to use it. It is still very important to reiterate one of its features which is that it provides control customization. That is, you can configure the app to create custom controls such as configuring your keyboard to adapts it buttons to a game. Now you can run any of the thousand apps originally created to run on an android device on your computer.

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