Nokia 6 2018 – Full Specs and Features

The Nokia 6 is almost a year old and since it’s launch (early 2017), people didn’t really make much fuss about the phone. This is probably due to its unavailability in the UK until August 2017, and other popular regions.

To make the phone great again, the producer of the popular smartphone had announced that there will be an update to the original smartphone this 2018, and a lot of people are optimistic about this upgrade.

new nokia 6 2018

On Nokia 6 2018 Release Date

The New Nokia 6 has already been made available for preorder in some regions. In China, preorder for the new phone started on 10 January.

There is no much information yet if the phone will be made available in Europe. Although, more info may be coming soon from Nokia soon, since there will be a special event at MWC on the 25th of February, 2018.

It seems there will be a lot of good surprises on the Sunday 25th February, which is the MWC event day. The HMD Global Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas tweeted:

Whatever Nokia has planned for MWC, it’s going to be awesome

Availability: China for now

Nokia 6 2018 Cost and Price

One will think the new Nokia 6 is going to be really costly since is the much-talked phone this year. However, it’s not, with a low budget one can acquire this phone.

In China, Nokia 6 cost CNY 1,499 (£170/$220) for the 32GB variant. While the 64GB variant cost around CNY 1,699 (£190/206).

Nokia 6 2018 Specifications and Features

Since the device is a successor to the Nokia 6, there are lots of similarities but major upgrades as well in the new phone. The device specs were previously leaked out before its announcement and the leaks were accurate. Nokia 6 (2018) maintains its original screen 5.5″ FullHD display but boast of a better processor. The phone runs on near Android 7.1.1 Nougat and will feature updates to Oreo.

On Nokia 6 2018 Speed and Memory

The Nokia 6 2018 comes with a Snapdragon 630 Chipset. This gives the phone a much faster operation as the chipset features an 8 core processor with a maximum speed of up to 2.2GHz.

The phone also features a 4GB RAM which will be useful in usage for Phone Multi-tasking.

Like previously said, the phone comes in two variants: 32GB variant and 64GB variant. The 32GB variant will be much cheaper, so if you don’t have the money you can go for it. Also, both variants have the option to expand the MicroSD slot (up to 128).

On Nokia 6 2018 Camera and Display

Nokia 6 2018 features a rear camera of 16 MegaPixel with a f/2.0 lens, while the front or selfie camera is 8 MegaPixel. Just like the Nokia 8, Nokia 6 2018 also features the “bothie mode” that allows the user to use both the front and rear camera simultaneously for split screen photos and videos.

FingerPrint Enabled? Yes

The device features a fingerprint sensor scanner at the back of the phone for secure unlocks.

Nokia 6 2018 Battery Capacity

The Nokia 6 2018 has a battery capacity of 3000mAh which is not too great but manageable. Not too great because most new modern phones feature battery capacities that are much higher. But let us wait and see from users review. The new Nokia phone may not utilize much battery power just like its predecessors.

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Other Nokia 6 2018 Features

  • The new Nokia 6 2018 also features OZO 360° audio recording, which is impressive given that the price is not too costly.
  • Screen Size of 5.5 inches, full HD Display.
  • Current Device color specs: Black and Orage

Reference: GSMArena

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