Just like Paypal, Nochex too is a means of providing transaction services online. Nochex is a private firm or company based in the united kingdom. One thing to bear in mind is that Nochex primary motive is to cater for small and average sized business. Which means Nochex doesn’t cater for other large businesses but the small or averages ones in order to manage its standard. Nochex was founded in the year 1999.

Nochex account

Why People Choose Nochex

Any individual going into any business be it small or big their main aim is to make profits. No one is planning to fail but to achieve something good is their priority. Therefore, Nochex focuses on fresh and smaller businesses in order to help them to develop and grow more easy and faster without necessarily being bordered about the cost of the processing management.

Nochex Account Types

Nochex gives three types of account which include the personal, seller and the merchant. The most popular account that is commonly used is the seller and the merchant accounts which pave ways for online payments to be able to processed via seller’s website. All the payments made through Nochex support 3D secure XML standard made available to reduce the risk of any fraudulent activity. Nochex does not need the account holder to procure a bank business or merchant account. let’s take a look at the explanation of these different types of account in the paragraph below;

The Nochex personal account enables you to transfer or send money to other Nochex account. Inclusively, money may also be sent to other people without an account. Thou, the receiver needs to register with Nochex before he or she can withdraw any money. The limit of the Nochex personal account takes a limit which includes the balance of 90 euros.

The second type is the Nochex seller account can be used to process payments that are up to 100 euros that originate from a U.K registered credit or debit card. There is no amount that is been deducted in setting up a seller account and also no any monthly fees. In other words, an initial fee might be charged for the verification of the holder’s credit or debit card. normally there is always a fee for all transaction of funds.

The last type of Nochex is the merchant account which involves additional services which include telephone support from account manager. Unlike other account services like the personal Nochex account and the seller Nochex account, with the use of merchant account, a vendor can allow and accept vast payments and also accepts payments from international services credit cards.

How to Set Up or Create a Nochex Account

In other to be able to use Nochex as a means of providing payment to your online shop, there is a need to open an account within Nochex by visiting the below website.


After this is done, there is a need to configure out some certain settings in order to make sure your shops works normally. Immediately your website is live on the web and you already have an account that is set up with Nochex. You can now set up to work with your shop. Therefore, to do this, it is necessary for one to follow the following steps which include below;

  • Firstly, you log in to create an account for yourself.
  • Secondly, you click on shop, that is on the top menu
  • Also, you click on the shop settings that are on the left-hand menu.
  • The next is to click on the payment gateways
  • Then you select Nochex from the available gateways
  • You go to the next screen, enter the email address you do use to sign up for your Nochex account
  • The next step is to choose your available payment options from the Accepted cards tab
  • Lastly, you click save changes to complete the setup

Nochex Card Payments

Nochex accept all major credit and debit cards which include the following below;

  • Visa Debit
  • Visa
  • Master card
  • Maestro
  • Visa electronic

In conclusion, Nochex as a means of providing services through online is most beneficial to smaller or averages business scale which has impacted on many business ventures around the globe.