New iPhones to be Unveiled by Apple | How to Save on an Upgrade

Apple to release its biggest and Most expensive phone today, 12th September 2018

The most popular phone company “Apple” is expected to unveil it’s biggest and most priced iPhone on September 12, 2018. It is part of a lineup of 3 new models which has been aimed at expanding the products appeal amidst slow sales growth.

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It’s a bigger screen

The rumour about the phone is that it is expected to boast of a 6.5 inch OLED screen. The highest screen size for apple previous phone was 5.8 inches, which is the iPhone X. OLED is an improvement from LCD technology in offering a display without a backlight, it is very much black rather than simply dark.

Apple is expected to unveil its biggest and most expensive iPhone on Wednesday as part of a lineup of three new models aimed at widening the product’s appeal amid slowing sales growth.

Apple is optimistic that the size will reach higher consumers of their products, especially since it captures photos and video lovers.

Other devices to be Unveiled

There is said to be an improvement or update to the iPhone X. The iPhone X was released last year with changes in “home button” removal and featuring a facial-recognition technology to unlock the device. The phone was the price with an initial price starting from $1000, and it was a hit from Apple as there was a lot of demand for it. So these new updates seek to give consumers something new and better again. The price is expected to unveil the same day with the unveiling.

A new smartwatch is one of the devices Apple is expected to announce also.

What is the name of these new iPhones?

The names of Apple new devices are not known yet. The producers have said all we be known during the launching. This is one of Apples biggest marketing strategy (suspense), and it has always worked for them.

Apple is able to boost its profit by making more expensive iPhones. This is coming even when the demand has been waning recently as people upgrade phone less frequently. iPhones average price is pegged at $724 as at April-June period, a nearly 20percent increase from last year.

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So, before you opt for an upgrade to your iPhone, you need to have a lot otherwise read the few tips below on how to manage the little cash you have for an upgrade.

You can trade in your old phone

The best and easiest way to save some money is to trade in your current phone. You can do that by exchanging it as a used phone for a new phone, of course, you will add extra cash to it. Apple has a service called Apple GiveBack, where you can trade in your used iPhones. You can check it here.

Sell your current phone

You can sell your current phone to another person for cash. Although, you may not get it at the price you bought the phone but at least you will have some cash to add and get a new phone. I basically think it’s pointless having an extra phone you won’t use. There are lots of online service platform that allows you to put up items for sale to get quick buyers.

Keep using your old phone

Of course, if you are not financially buoyant, you can continue using your old iPhone and skip the upgrade. You will save a lot of money in getting the highly priced iPhone. Eventually, when you do have the money may be the price of the iPhone may have come down by then.


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