Net Worth of Naira Marley 2020

Lately, we’ll all agree that Naira Marley has been trending a lot and so, people want to know about him more. He is an indigenous Nigerian rapper who is beginning to give other indigenous rappers a run for their money. But there is more to Naira Marley than this and we’ll be giving you the full details on this post, just follow closely.

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Naira Marley


Marley was born Azeez Fashola in Lagos state, he moved to England at the young age of eleven (11) where he had the most part of his education. He had never envisioned himself as an artist, feeling he had no talent in the area. He wanted to be an MC and a voice-over artist.

Over time, he developed an interest in helping his MC friends in England. He managed their own rap careers until one day when one of his friends urged him to jump in at a rap session despite his reservations because of his strong Nigerian accent and because he felt he had no musical talent.

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To his astonishment, he did really well since his verses were loved the most by everyone, this eye-opening session propelled him down his musical career of today. The year 2014 saw the rising of the star Naira Marley when he began releasing his singles.

He got his stage name ‘Naira Marley’ from his motivation and inspiration ‘Bob Marley’ and that is also why he keeps dreadlocks to show affinity with the late reggae musician. He came into the limelight after he released his single titled ‘Marry Juana’ where he featured Max Twigs, the song became a top UK street Jam and enjoyed great airwaves. This song historically marked the turning point of his career and destiny.

He released many tracks after that like Cole, money on the road and the club banger ‘issa goal’ where he featured Lil Kesh and Olamide. The song made waves worldwide and propelled the singer to international limelight. More of his songs include Japa, drummer boy, ko si werey, magic, rice and beans, dread gang, facetime, birthday, back2work, squadron, +44, stupid dance and ultimately, am I a Yahoo boy.


Since Nigeria doesn’t have Forbes to efficiently calculate and draw up an estimate of a celebrity’s net worth, it is therefore hard to get the right amount. But according to latest alertng, Naira Marley is calculated to have a net worth of $600,000 which is estimated to be 216 million Naira.

The rapper is said to make his money from music shows, sales of music tracks and more. He makes more than most upcoming artists in Nigeria and is known to live large as he has a fleet of exotic cars but lives in a rented apartment.

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Although Naira Marley has been successful in his music career, he has also been known to step on a lot of toes with his music which promotes the glorification of yahoo boys. By doing this, he has clashed with Tunde Ednut, Rugged man and a whole lot of other celebrities. 

But most of all, he caught the notice of the EFCC who arrested him days after the release of his song ‘Am I a Yahoo boy’ and has held him in custody for weeks because of incriminating evidence found on his laptop which has led them to believe that Naira Marley himself is a Yahoo boy. He was granted a 2 million Naira bail recently but his case is still open and doesn’t seem to be getting wrapped up any time soon.

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