Like every other means of online payment, mpay is not a new term. It is defined as the production of innovative services for online or mobile payments, paving way for the execution and settlement of money transactions. The main purpose or aim of mpay which is also known as Mpayments is to produce well standard mobile transactions to the mass market around the globe making it easy and safe to use in cooperation with banks and mobile operators.

mpay services

The initiation by the payer is always made available. Also, the owner of the mobile phone can use it with any kind of payment terms without making use of specialized equipment for the person selling.

Also, mpay is seen as a service through which an individual at any place in time can pay off his or her public services by any means of payment depending on your choice. For instance, we have the cash or internet banking, credit card and so on which are much available for use.

What does Mpay System Offer to Partners?

Mpay offers Bank to the partners. The following terms to which bank is offered to the partners are listed below.

  • Mpay loyalty programmes in which banks make available to partners.
  • Also, tools to produce new or innovative financial help for bank customers.
  • Synergy with the already available or existing goods or products also drives or moves new revenues.
  • The instrument of an already existed payment improves the level e-commerce payment to be security at alert.
  • Lastly is the mpay loyalty programme for customers inclusively.

How to Join Mpay

  • There are steps at which you can activate or join mpay which you might not know which include the following procedures.
  • First, join or activate a mpay account and know your pin number. For example you first dial *145# this may differ in many countries or to make a mpay transaction
  • Also, define and confirm the pin number that you will use in authorizing transaction process.
  • Providing money or funds to your mpay account which is done through bank or internet transfer. This makes it easier and faster in transaction processes.
  • Also, mpay helps several sources of funds, for instance, credit or debit cards, straight or direct bank account integration or straight operator bills.
  • The next step is that; you will receive an SMS to indicate that the transaction is confirmed.
  • Now you are welcome to mpay where you can now make use of mpay services and can make payment anywhere you are and wherever you see the logo of mpay.
  • And lastly, visit, you can make use of your account through the internet or mobile phone. Just click on and choose between you money source and see the history of the transaction.

Mpay Money Sources to Know

There are different sources of money in the mpay system which include the following

  • Firstly pre-paid mpay account which is obviously Made available when doing registration processes. One can top up his or her accounts by using the electronic bank or by credit or debit card.
  • Secondly, is the postpaid mpay account; here a user can now upgrade his or her basic prepaid account and receive alert or credit in his bank account balance.
  • Also using the master card mobile technology. The user can link his or her credit or debit card data with his or her mobile phone and the numbers in the master card inclusively.

What are the Benefits of Mpay Services?

There are various benefits derived from mpay services that are very vital to know. This is listed and explained below;

  • One of the benefits of mpay is that it reduces the cash handling risk normally dishonored the cheque caused by one’s mistake. This also means that it helps to save money.
  • Secondly, mpay helps to reduce human involvement or intervention and also reduces one’s resources.
  • Also, mpay helps to secure customers personal data by protecting it and its done from end to end online paying services.
  • Mpay also helps to ease instant closure for agents through the use of credit or debit card or making use of prepaid card payment.

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