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Mp3 Music Download
Mp3goo is an old and popular website for downloading free music from the web. On Mp3goo, you can download songs and videos in high quality and in different formats.


The music site has struggled to stay alive for years although it gets shut down sometimes for content piracy. So mp3goo has had domain change severally and this causes them to lose top ranking in search engines. Also, there are many sites on the internet that have been created to look like the original mp3goo site. An alternative to Mp3goo is mp3juice

Its original URL which is popularly known as is no longer accessible. There is a new domain very much similar to the old mp3goo website. Although not sure if it is operated by the former owners, the website is pretty decent and offers mp3 music download for free. The URL is

Mp3goo Media Contents

You can download a variety of media on Mp3goo. Some of which include mp3 songs, funny videos, movies and even TV series. These media files are not hosted on the site but on other sites like youtube. So you can easily find peoples personal songs and videos. You can download media in a variety of languages also in a different format with varying size. Some files could even go as high as 100mb. Also, any media file available in video format can be downloaded as an mp3 file.

Pros and Cons of Mp3goo

The website doesn’t host media content on the site but acts like a search engine. You will get almost any song or music you are looking for. More to this, you can download songs in mp3 and also in video formats. Since the site doesn’t host any media content on the site, loads quick, same with the download as well. The web page is very easy to navigate since there is no much content that may have clustered the site.

Although Mp3goo offers great media content for free, there is still the issue of trust in using the site. Since Mp3goo scoops media from other sources, you may download a wrong file (some may be potentially harmful to your device). So be sure to scrutinize files properly before you download. The operators of the website monetize using “ads”, so you may see ads occasionally throughout the website. In some cases, a new tab (from ads) may open, simply close it continue surfing on the real page.

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How to download from Mp3goo

Downloading from sites offering free media for downloads may be tricky. Follow the guide below to know how to download from Mp3goo successfully.

Note that you only need to use the search bar on mp3goo to find media to download. The site itself will scour other top sites and display the top-quality content available.

Step 1

From your device access the current homepage of Mp3goo on “”. This will take you to the homepage.

Step 2

Enter the mp3 song (either by artist name or song title) you want to download in the search bar and click on the “download now” icon. This will scour the internet for similar media (Song and videos).

Step 3

A list of queries similar to what you’ve searched for will be displayed to you, simply click on download. Next, you will be presented with the option to download Mp3 or download Video. Depending on the option you choose, you will have to select the “quality” you want. After doing this your download should begin immediately.

Note: the higher the quality, the higher the file size

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