Microsoft Xbox – Setting Time Limits and Turning Off Chat Features in the Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox – Setting Time Limits and Turning Off Chat Features
Ori and the Blind Forest, Forza horizon and cuphead are some of the titles of Xbox games. And for those who love Microsoft’s Xbox one is all about these games and the game features makes the gamer come back for more. Therefore, combining with the Xbox compelling gameplay and the maturity level of plenty of these games which makes the system’s built-in parental controls very welcoming features. The child can play the Xbox one game on a windows PC and on the console.

Same as the parental control settings which operate across both on the windows 10 device and Xbox one and it can be enabled either in your browser via your Microsoft account or in the Xbox. And the 1st step is to connect your Microsoft account to your child’s account, the account which they used in logging into their windows PC or the Xbox. Then for the family settings to be able to work, both your child and you will have to make use of an individual’s accounts. Below is a guide on how to enable parental control on the Xbox one.

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How to set time limits on the Xbox one

The time limits can only be set with your Microsoft account in your PC browser. You can make them apply to the PC as well as the console. Below will give you tips on how to set time limits on your Xbox one;

  1. log in to your Microsoft account in your PC browser.
  2. Scroll down to your child’s account on your family page and tap on screen time. And if your child account is not there, then you add their account or a family to the family group and if needed you can create a new account for them.
  3. turn on use one screen time schedule to enable one limits which apply to both the PC device and the Xbox.
  4. to separately manage the time limits, go down and switch on the screen limits for both the Xbox and the PC device.
  5. select on ‘set a time limit’ and afterward chose a start time and an end time for every day of the week.
  6. the Xbox can be also programmed to send a notification to your child whenever their screen time is ending every day.
  7. to enable this, tap on the Xbox button found on the controller.
  8. after that, you will then select system > settings > preferences > notification > Xbox notification > system and you will put on the system notifications and your child will be able to see the clock counts down when the time is about to end.

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How to turn off chat on the Xbox one using console

The settings are found in the online and privacy safety section and it also turns off other social features too. 

  1. log in to your Xbox.
  2. tap on the Xbox button in order to open the steps and then go to systems > settings > account. Next,you click on family settings > manage family members.
  3. select a family member and tap on the online and privacy safety > Xbox live privacy > view details and customize > multiplayer and communication.
  4. chose the setting which states ‘you can play with people outside of Xbox live’ and select block to turn it off.

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With the steps above you can be able to set time limits and turn off chat on your Xbox using a console.

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