We all use email because without them nothing is possible nowadays. But many times it becomes very tedious to create a document and send it to someone as it requires simultaneous switching of screens or we can say applications. Would you like that kind of thing taking place? Obviously, no one will like such functioning and hence it is clear that we are in a desperate need of an application which could help us edit or create a document along with mail surfing at the same time.

microsoft personal email

Hence Microsoft came up with a trendsetting application which allows us to perform all the things mentioned above that too with simultaneous tasking. Where you can send, as well as create one on the same screen itself and this outstanding application is called as Microsoft free personal email. This new thing changed the entire dimension of professional works, as this has allowed us a much-needed breakthrough, hence we need to know about its features in more detail.

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What exactly does Microsoft free personal email do?

So as we all know this Microsoft email reduces our workload and also eases our working process, here are some features of this wonderful application as follows;

1. Allows to do two things simultaneously

Once you sign in you get automatically connected with Microsoft office also and hence you can use your free personal email account as a conventional mailing platform or you can use it as a Microsoft email also.

Here if any minor error occurs during the last moment you can edit or correct it right there and send it to another person on the spot. This feature itself reduces the time and helps us to correct our mistakes till the last moment.

2. You can control your account

This Microsoft email has another useful feature which helps you to reduce chaos. You can unsubscribe unknown sources or people, due to which pointing out the important emails becomes easier and quicker.

Many companies send their offers and discounts in which we are never interested and due to such traffic finding out the useful mail becomes a bit tough and time-consuming. Hence to make it simple you can simply unsubscribe and reduce the irritating advertisements.

3. You can transition your chats from Skype or you can also upload your documents from one drive

You don’t get to use such kind of feature in any other e-mail sources. Here once you sign in you can still transition this source and chat to Skype which means you can contact other people through video call too. Even you can upload or attach documents from one drive or any other drive which you use to save your memory or backup material. Hence this feature makes it stand out than other sources.

4. Available for all operating systems

Now the best thing about this application is, it is available for all platforms where it is windows, iOS or Android you can still be a part of this wonderful source. Due to such multi-platform functioning, this application has pan globe appeal and hence this Microsoft email is reaching a huge height of success day by day.

What to conclude about this application?

This Microsoft free personal email has a large range of things to provide it consists of a calendar, people, Microsoft office online and of course email and hence it has turned out to be the most reliable and best platform for doing official and professional works. Due to its wide variety of provisions within a single screen makes it quite unique than other similar applications. So this was all about Microsoft free personal email. So sign in and ease up your working process through this most reliable source.