Developed by Microsoft Corporations, Microsoft Azure also known as Windows Azure is basically a cloud service that helps in the management of applications after testing and developing and building them.

microsoft azure

The whole process is managed by a connected network of Microsoft data centre where the most important services are provided-

  • Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Platform as a Service (PAAS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Apart from that, Microsoft Azure also helps in supporting various programmable languages and other specific tools, which include designer software and other Microsoft data systems.

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How to create a Microsoft Azure Account

Some Tips and Tricks

Owing to a commitment to Microsoft, it is obviously an easy task to create a Microsoft account. Most individual’s need to create one account before starting any developing or managing process.  For opening an account with Microsoft Azure, here is a quick guide and a step by step solution to the whole process-

  • Step1

There is a one-month free trial period that helps users know the basics of Microsoft Azure. After adjusting to the user of the software, there are some easy steps to be fulfilled to create one.

  • Step 2

One needs to visit the official website of the Azure Page and click on the start free option.

  • Step 3

After the Start free option has already been clicked, another start free option would pop up.

  • Step 4

After the above, one would be directed to the new user page.

  • Step 5

One needs to fill up the detail that includes email id, name, and others. After that has been successfully done, the page would be directed to the log in screen.

  • Step 6

An activation link on the registered email id will activate the Microsoft Azure account.

  • Step 7

After activation, a payment gateway would lead to the paying of the fees of registration with Azure. One can do so with credit or debit cards.

  • Step 8

The login page needs to be filled and once the individual clicks on entering, its time to use the Microsoft account freely.

Reasons for using the Microsoft Azure account

Microsoft Azure has a lot to offer and guarantees that all tools used are verified and certified and applications thus created helps in the overall development of the industry. However, here are some of the reasons to choose Azure-

Testing most enterprise applications

Azure has specific tools like Azure virtual machines, SQL database, that lifts up and provides access to test several applications and also makes way to provide high availability of all performances.

Creating the best of mobile experiences

Also, with Azure mobile experiences are a lot of fun. There are so many tools like app service, hockey app, xamarin, and traffic manager that adds to the overall performance of our daily lives.

Using the best data software

It’s easier to create and develop better applications using data lake analytics, HD insight and other software’s to bring in better experiences.

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The benefits that Microsoft Azure dares to provide

Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud services ever provided by Microsoft that helps in the blossoming of several small and large scale industries. It also helps in providing access to a better management framework, the atmosphere to build and create versatile apps and also building a huge global network. Apart from that, Microsoft Azure promises that it is such a medium which is available to all and can be used by all. It is productive, hybrid and one of the most trusted cloud services ever.