Make New Facebook Avatar – Facebook Avatar Link | Create My Avatar On Facebook

Facebook recently launched a new feature called the Facebook Avatar creator. You know how some times you just want to send a message without having to type anything when chatting with your Facebook friends. Well, here comes the magic you have always wanted. you can now pass your messages without having to trouble your fingers. And that is simply by using an avatar on Facebook. In this article “Facebook avatar maker guide“, you will see how to make your own avatar and use it for for your messages or chats.

Make New Facebook Avatar - Facebook Avatar Link | Create My Avatar On Facebook

Facebook did not only introduce the avatar feature but also made it that you can create the avatar of your choice and use it for whatever you wish to use it for without having to pay anything.

In creating your own avatars, you can customized them to any gender, complexion, hair color, age, etc, you want. That is, you can make a cartooned character of yourself to show how you are feeling at the moment.

The Facebook avatar feature is not yet available in all countries. So, if you are interested in making your own avatar but can not find the feature in your Facebook page, that means the feature is not yet availabe in your country.

But, if you already have access to the feature, ride on for more details.

Facebook Avatar Maker – Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook Avatar Creator is also known as avatar maker. It is a feature on Facebook where users can create a cartoon identity of themselves. You can choose the character of your avatar. Meaning that, how your avatar character will turn out depends on your choices.

In creating your character, you can choose your preferred skin tone, eye color, dress, hairstyle, and many more. In order to locate the avatar maker on Facebook, make sure you have the updated version of the Facebook App.

There are a lot of beautiful options you can choose from to make your avatar beautiful and funny. You can even challenge your friends to see whose avatar is the most beautiful and funny.

How to Locate Facebook Avatar Creator on your Mobile device

Steps to follow to locate the Facebook Avatar;

  1. Open the Facebook app on your SmartPhone
  2. Click the menu bar found at the top right-hand corner of your page
  3. Scroll down to the option “Avatars
  4. Click on it and start creating your own avatars.

Congratulations, you can start having fun creating your own Facebook Avatar.

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