List of Google Products and Services 2020 [Updated]

Google Products and Services
Most people think of Google as just a web search engine. While their major service offering is centered around the web search service, they have many more products and services they offer.

Below are the lists of products and services you will find in Google:

1. Google Search

Google Search is a web search engine and Google ‘s core product. The search engine receives about 3 billion search queries every day. Also, Google offers regional search also through its 189 regional level domains.

2. Google Images

Google Images is used to search for images, with results which is based on the file name of the image, the link text which points to the image and text that is adjacent to the image.

3. YouTube Video application

YouTube Video app was Acquired by Google in 2010. Google’s video partnerships include agreements with The NHL, CBS, and the NBA. It searches for videos that are posted by Metacafe, Dailymotion, and other popular video hosting websites.

4. Google News

Automatic news compilation service and the search engine for news for more than about 20 different languages. Meanwhile, the selection of news stories is fully automated, the sites are being selected by human editors.

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5. Google Finance

Google Finance helps to search for US business news, opinion, and also financial data. Some of these Features include company-specific pages, blog search, interactive charts, executives information, discussion groups, and a portfolio.

6. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is previously known as Google Product Search and Google Store. Search for online stores, which includes auctions, for products. 

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7. Google Books

It searches for the full text of printed books. The content which is displayed depends on arrangements with publishers, it ranges from short extracts to entire books.

8. Google Patents

The Search engine to look through millions of patents, and each result has its own page, they include drawings, claims, and citations.

9. The Google Scholar

It helps the users to look for the full text of scholarly literature across an array of scholarly fields and publishing formats. They also Include almost all peer-reviewed journals.

10. Google Dataset

The Search engine Searches for data repositories and also national and local government websites platform for datasets. 

11. Google Hotel Finder

It is used to search for hotels, both check-in dates and check-out dates. 

12. Google Alerts

The Email notification service which sends alerts based on chosen search terms, whenever new results are found. The alerts also include web results, Google Groups results, videos, and News.

13. Google Assistant Voice-based

It Searches for Service and AI Assistant. It was debuted in May 2016.

14. Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search is formerly known as Google Co-op. It Creates a customized search experience for a website platform. It was Renamed from Google Co-op, which replaced Google Free Search in turn.

15. Google Flights

Is used to search for flights from different airlines to various destinations, offering tools such as price comparisons and travel recommendations.

16. Google Groups

The Web and email discussion service and Usenet archive. Google Users can join a group, create a group, publish posts, track favorite topics, write a set of group website pages that are updatable by members and also share group files.

17. Google Translate

It helps to Translate one language to another.

18. Google Web History

This was formerly Google Search History and Google Personalized Search. It is used in web page tracking, it helps to record all Google searches, web pages, images, videos, music, and many other data. Which includes bookmarks, search trends, and recommendations of items.

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Security tools.

  1. reCAPTCHA: is a users’ dialogue system that is used to prevent robots from accessing websites portal.
  2. Google Safe Browsing: is a blacklist service for web resources that contain malware or phishing contents.
  3. Titan Security Key is a security token.
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