Learn How to Create and Host your Website

With technological advancement and internet upgrading every now and then, things are just getting easier. Today, everyone wants to get his/her information out there on the web for the world to see. Thus, now with tech advancements you need not be an expert in web design for you to effortlessly create and host an impactful, engaging, and high quality websites. How? … That is a good question we shall be dwelling on.

Google cloud has now provided a simple hosting service to websites. However, before hosting let talk about creating a website. With simple templates of using HTML CSS, you can design your website to your taste.

How to create a website with HTML and CSS

The first thing you need before creating your website is a hosting server. As I discussed in a previous article, web hosting /hosting server is where you keep and preserve whatever content you have on your website. There are so many hosting companies you can choose from. After then, make sure to have chosen a domain name. Click The domain name and Web Hosting: all you need to know to have a… to know what a domain name is.

Tip on How to consider which web host to choose among the number of web hosting

  • Firstly, you must have considered what is going to be the contents of your website, as such you will know what tools you will need to build your website. That is, the type of websites and its functionality will determine which of the web hosts to consider
  • Also, you need to consider your website building options, whether you want both services of a website builder and web hosting bundled together. That is, you use one package to build your website as well as hosting it. Or you can go for a web host that does not include the service of web building.
  • Then, think of your long-term website needs and make research for web hosts and web builder options and then, make a shortlist of your options.
  • Having make a shortlist of the web host and web builders, compare them using some key factors so as to choose the best among them. Such factors as, the prices for sign-up and renewal, the technical requirements for your site, ease of use considering the user interface and management settings, their support services, cancellation policy and more.


If you do not want to go public yet and just want to experiment creating a website on your computer there are some local server software you can use. Such as XAMPP. It is a zip file you need to extract and install on your computer. It is easy to use both on Mac and PC.

Having settled with a host, you should then learn the basic elements of HTML structure which is the HTML tag. Such as:

The main header on your webpage <h1>…</h1>

To make a bold text: <b>…</b>

To italicize: <i>…</i>

Paragraph: <p>…</p>

NB: in-between the enclosed paragraphs is whatever words or sentences you want to put in. I.e. <h>FANCY CLOTHING</h1>

The next step is to understand the HTML document structure. This is a whole lot of the HTML tags put together one on top of another to create the structure of your web page.

Then, like the HTML tags, there are the CSS selectors that help to design the appearance of the contents of your web page, such as considering the font size of the texts the colour of pages.


Aside from all the above steps in creating a website with HTML and CSS, there is the bootstrap package you can download and install. It is an open source toolkit that helps to create a website with HTML AND CSS. That is instead of starting from scratch in creating a website with HTML and CSS you can simply go to the bootstrap homepage and download the package and start building on it. Alternatively, you can take a shortcut to download some package of already built designs or templates and then make necessary changes.

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