Kubool site review: Send an Anonymous Message Without Revealing your Identity.

People hurt people in so many ways. Telling somebody the truth and nothing but the truth may not be so easy on some occasions. Sometimes we get hurt or hurt somebody either by our actions, our sayings and so on. Then, to muster the courage to tell that person what you really want to say maybe so difficult. However, with a platform like kubool you sure can express yourself to that person without him or her finding out who you are and whether or not the message is true or not

What is kubool?

Kubool is a free messaging platform that allows you to interact anonymously to that person. Be it your crush, friends, family member, and so on. All you need is create a link and send it to them to see what they can anonymously tell you through the link. Kubool is a social app that let you send a message to someone without him or her knowing who you are and without revealing your identity. Although you may later want to reveal yourself to him or her, that is your choice. Kubool will never reveal your identity. It is so good you cannot find out who is it that anonymously sent you the message. And you can neither found whether the message is true not.

How it works

You will need to create a profile link and username and then send them either via WhatsApp or your Facebook page so that your friends can see and follow the link to send you a message via the link. They also must have created a profile on kubool to be able to use your link.

What you need to get started are

Download the app, create your profile link by simply providing a username and password. And then, share the link to your preferred social media platform. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

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Some of its features; Kubool

  • It maintains privacy at a high standard to keep its users safe and secure. This is by ensuring your anonymity every time you send a message to someone until you choose to reveal your identity.
  • Abusive threads are removed from the platform by the help of the support team in order for its users to enjoy it best. For 24 hours 7 days, you have access to the support team for anything you need help with. Whether to give feedback or to report something you would not like to see
  • The kubool app has an easy to use interface so it users can interact with it easily. And is going on constant updates to make it as user friendly as possible. You can get started with kubool after downloading the app by just filling in a username and password.

Important information

There are apparently, some good online services provided by app developers that are very useful. However, when you look to the downside of such services you realized that, if such is used in the wrong way, it can become harmful or illegal. Such is in the case of this app, it service is to allow you to send an anonymous message to a friend.  However, for some person, it is an opportunity for cyberbullying and other online social vices.  Hence, it would be so good if things are put to good purpose and not a bad one.

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It is very important that aside from the good features of this app, it will be so good if it can be improved to include such service as to be able to block out any link that sent you annoying messages or is trying to intimidate you I.e cyberbully.

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