Kingroot Review: Best Rooting App

Have you ever want to do some changes on your phone that isn’t possible, like uninstalling some system apps from your phone or thinking if it’s possible for you to change some of the interfaces of your phone or to change some system applications but it’s not possible and that’s because the manufacturers of the phone (who are also the administrators) has imposed software limitations on what you can do with your phone for technical reasons or security reasons. That brings us to what is known as rooting.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a way of breaking the barrier preventing you to take charge of all your system software so that you can change anything in your phone to your taste such that you become an administrator instead of a user.

However, rooting your device is risky and expose it to the potential danger that can be so intense as to render your device as useless as a brick when the rooting is not done properly. A virus can set in and it may be exposed to malware.

Nonetheless, this article is a review of the best app to root your device: “kingroot

What is kingroot?

Kingroot android is an app that allows you root your device so you can access your device’s operating system and so that you can become your system’s administrator instead of just a user and make any changes on phone conveniently to your taste. This work on your android phone and can even do it through your PC/desktop.

How do you download and install kingroot

Kingroot and some other rooting apps are not on the Google play store as they wouldn’t allow you to make changes to their operating system and breach their imposed software limitation. Also, the reason for the limitation is so that they can offer their support service when there is a problem. Nonetheless, you can follow the steps below to get a kingroot APK file and install.

Install kingroot

  • You need to disable Google play protect as that is what is blocking the app
  • Go to your phone settings and enable installation from unknown sources so that you can install the application from third party websites
  • Disable any antivirus application on your phone as that will identify the kingroot app a malware
  • Then you should search for the APK file and tap on it to download. There will be an option asking if you want to install the app or not, click on continue and wait for android to finish the work
  • After the installation is complete then, you can launch the app
  • And try enabling Google to play to protect again to safeguard your phone.

How do you root your device?

After installation, open the kingroot app and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left-hand corner to view the menu. There, tap on the start root option to begin the process of rooting your device and you are done, just wait for few minutes and then your device will be rooted and then you have access to do anything on and with your phone.

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Is kingroot safe to use?

Rooting in itself is a critical process you need to be cautious of before undergoing it because if not properly done can cause your device serious harm, like virus setting in, you run the risk of bricking your phone.

Though some reviews consider kingroot as malware because of its ability to overwrite your programmed software, however, searches and some personal reviews revealed that it is not a malware and is safe to use to root your device even though it has possible side effect if rooting is not done properly like every other rooting app.

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