It is a generally known and believed that kingroot is the best rooting app, however, Kingroot being the best rooting app does not limit your options of rooting apps.

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There are numerous and more than enough rooting app options you can choose from to help root your android device. However, among those numerous options are the best options, poor options, and worse options. As such is why kingroot has gained its reputation from those several options because of being the best among the rest. Thus, like I said that does not limit your options of finding an alternative to kingroot because this article has done it best to bring to you the best alternatives to kingroot.

Alternatives to kingroot


Kingoroot android root is one of the best rooting apps out there providing the easiest ways to root your android device. In addition, the most pleasant thing about kingoroot is it one-click root method that makes it so easy to use in rooting your device. Such that it offers one-click rooting for several devices. You get to root your device conveniently without having to connect to PC.

Interestingly, you get two options  of rooting directly on your android device or through a computer PC

Install kingoroot to root your device

For the use of kingoroot, you will have to first download the APK on your phone, make sure to turn on installation from unknown sources  on your phone’s settings

After downloading and installing (the downloading may take some time), launch the app and click on “One-click Root” that appears on the main screen.

That should do the rooting. But if not working, try it for some times otherwise you should use the PC version.

You will do that by downloading the kingoroot PC software from their website and install on your PC, then connect your device using a USB to your PC. Once it is recognized by the software, you should see a window with the root button.

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iRoot APK

This is another best rooting app alternative to king root. Just like the kingoroot, it is also a one-click root app for your devices without the use of PC, nonetheless, you have the option of rooting through your PC also. It is the easiest and fastest one click root APK that roots your devices immediately.

How to root your device with iRoot APK

Simply download and install the iRoot APK  on your android device. Then launch it on your phone to start the rooting.

A license agreement would be displayed on the main screen of the iRoot, click agree and continue

Then, tap on “root now” to start the rooting process.

Root Genius

Root Genius is one of the best rooting software to root your android phone with one click root using your computer PC. It can root most android devices as it is highly compatible.

How to use Root Genius

First and foremost download the software to your PC and install.

Then, connect your Android device to the PC using a USB. Enable USB debugging on your phone and become a developer.

Now launch the Root Genius and wait for it to detect your android device. Click agree on the terms and conditions then, click “Root It”.

Wait for it as it roots your device.

Magisk APK

Magisk is also a software for rooting your android device, it has become popular in recent years with more features added to it that makes rooting easy and convenient.

For effective installation and use of magisk, you need certain component as a device running Android 4.2+, custom recovery and have a TWRP

How to Unroot


This is one tool for rooting and managing rooted devices. one of its features is its ability to unroot a rooted device.

It does not require much process to use in unrooting your device. just launch the app and go to setting, select ‘full root’ and follow the instructions and see your device unroot. Once done, restart your phone and it will go back to normal

There are other ways and other apps you can use to unroot your device.

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