The Internet is an important aspect of modern life which is continously developing and internet is one of the integral parts of that development. All kinds of services are provided online now and to name someone of the names in this service is Juno Online services or just Juno which is an internet service provider. It is based in the United States. Juno is a subsidiary of United Online which is a subsidiary of investment bank of B. Riley Financial.

juno mail
The parent company of BlueLight internet Services and NetZero is the United Online. The founders of Juno include Charles Ardai, Brian Marsha and Clifford Tse. The equal amount of capital is provided by the D.E Shaw group. Headquarters of Juno is in Midtown Manhattan.
The Juno service includes the process where a customer installs a proprietary client of Juno allowing the users to send and receive emails of almost 35 KB. The idea behind the concept was to assemble a quasi-supercomputer using processors of customers and sell computer services in return to the private companies. One of the centres of Juno was established in Hyderabad, India which was an offshore development centre which was called as the United Online Software Development India Private Limited.

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Features and services of Juno

  • It provides services of the internet which allow the users to perform any kind of professional and personal work with ease and efficiency. With the help of Juno mail, one can easily rectify and sort of any type of problem. By following simple and logical steps, the issues can be simply solved by Juno services.
  • Also, users can troubleshoot the issues with just simple steps. Juno provides technical assistance and guidance to issues which cannot be solved by the users and therefore the executives can be contacted anytime with a toll-free number.
  • It provides a platform to manage different emails and emailing services.
  • The service provided is highly secured with the assurance that there is no chance of threats or harm to the data of the users.
  • The services work on the Post office protocol standards, which means that it can configure with iPhone and Android app just like other accounts. But the service to work on iPhone the Juno server details has to be set manually.

Juno Mail

With the use of a simple personal computer to send and receive email can be done by a Juno mail. One can read and write a mail even when they are offline and also can download the messages on the computer. Once the messages are downloaded, they are no longer available online and therefore they cannot be viewed from any other location.
The features of Juno mail also include mail assistance, checking external mail accounts, the composition of rich emails, manipulating mail folders, converting an email into text files with custom signatures, formatting and spell check features, saving and storing the emails and addressing messages.

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Juno MegaMail

It is a service for the Platinum and Juno SpeedBrand members where they are provided with premium email services which enhance the Juno mail web experience. Also, this can only be used with the emails on the web and does not apply to the Juno Software.
The platinum and SpeedBrand member get more storage space and other benefits than the standard free mail service. It enhances the email experience as more storage space is available, a larger block list, bigger attachment size, more sort and delete settings and better mail forwarding features.

Juno lacks the aesthetic and attractive visuals but with POP3 access for all the users, one can easily manage the emails from any platform be it iPhone or Android.