Juno, a national internet service provider in the United States. It came into existence in 1996 by Charles Ardai, Brian Marsh and Clifford Tse. Juno offers unlimited paid services and free ISP. Juno’s reliable internet connection is fast than other competitive internet providers.

Juno Email Login

The web surfing is five times faster than others. It can work from any phone jack with a standard dial-up connection and does not require any extra hardware. Turbo internet helps to quickly download photos, software, check email and browsing activities. It offers 10 hours of free ISP every month to its users.

Other services from Juno includes accelerated dial-up, free dial-up, DSL broadband, security PC tools like Norton 360, Norton antivirus, PC tune-up, unlimited entertainment games pack, educational learning edge, premium value packages, Email services.

Juno Email Service

In August 1996, Juno started its Email services. Juno Email Services maximum mail capacity was 35 kilobyte in size. The first version did not support attachment feature. The user can simply write emails to the clients and the reply mail downloads targeted advertisements. This served offline readers. In June 1998, it extended the services offering browsing abilities along with email.

Also, in December 1998, it offered the same service for free but contained a bar with advertisements whenever the user is online who ran the Juno client. In 2015, it limited its usage to 10 hours per month to its client.

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Features of Juno Email Service

Juno offers free email services with no risk and no obligations. It has mobile and web access from any computer or phone connected to the internet. The user can create multiple email addresses. Juno email services block all junk emails and protect your PC or mobile from spam and virus attacks. However, when you download email, not all virus can be detected and cleaned as described in terms and policies of service from Juno. The user has to cross check with the mobile service provider if their plan supports internet access and has any extra fees.

Juno email services can be categorized as Megamail and Megamail plus. Megamail messages can hold a maximum of 2Gb when compared to Megamail plus that can hold 5Gb. Megamail can block 1500 mail addresses and Megamail plus can block 2000 mail addresses. Both of them can send and receive messages to other mail accounts, has mail forwarding option, automatic draft saving option, and inbox automatic refreshing option.

Juno email Sign-up

When you first create a Juno email Login id, you have to sign up and enter the required information to register first. Basic information like the first name, second name, city, state, postal code, current email id, mobile number, a personal verification code is entered. Then create a personal email id which ends in ‘@juno.com’, followed by a newly created password with a security question.

Furthermore, you have to enter the date of birth, education, occupation, kids, annual income and ethnic group details at the end. Upon agreeing on the terms and condition, you email order is confirmed and you are ready to use. Juno email Login id is created and you are in the ease to use anytime and anywhere with just an internet connection in your PC or mobile.