In recent time, the Facebook dating app is one of the latest developments added on Facebook.

Facebook has always created a platform where different people from different world get to connect, and the social media platform has never disappoint in terms of expectations.

But here, with Facebook dating app available, the Facebook platform has done more than just connecting people but also helping them find love and hooking you up.

Just when it was released, other dating apps were greatly worried about the new and latest improvement on the social media platform.

Now there is the question is “Is Facebook dating available in Nigeria”?

Facebook dating Application has functioned even more than it was expected to have function.

Some question people tend to ask easily is “Will the Facebook dating app run other dating platforms out of the business”

Well for now we can’t say for now but time will tell.

Research has it that Nigeria as a country is one of the countries where Facebook is been used even more, so Facebook dating should be available For Nigerians as you will say, But are you going to find out in this article if Facebook dating is available in Nigeria or not.

In conclusion, Facebook dating app is not yet available in Nigeria, as at when the app was released, Facebook wanted to watch and see how successful it would be, that way, they released the platform in only some few selected countries.

Facebook dating platform was not released immediately in the US (United States), it was later released after Facebook saw how successful the platform would be in the country.


  1. Brazil
  2. Bolivia
  3. Canal
  4. Chile
  5. Ecuador
  6. Laos
  7. Guyana
  8. Peru
  9. Mexico
  10. Malaysia
  11. Thailand
  12. Singapore
  13. Paraguay
  14. Philippines
  15. United States
  16. Uruguay
  17. Suriname
  18. Vietnam

So, If you live in any of these locations, then you should know that Facebook dating is available for you to use.

Back to the big question that brought about this article of if Facebook dating app was available in Nigeria, now know that the answer is NO.

The Facebook dating app is not yet available in Nigeria because Facebook has not made it available.

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