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Everyone who is using iPhone needs some space for storage for their pics which are taken on their phone. Though the phone is inbuilt with the storage areas, specific apps are particularly for the storage purpose and they serve the backup also so that your photos are safe. One of the photo storage apps for iPhone is the iCloud photo library.

icloud storage

iCloud photo library

There is a facility of back up for the pics and you can access them across the Apple devices easily. It provides a copy of the current content of the iPhone. The storage space which is provided is of 5gb and it is absolutely free. You can share with your family members as it is low cost and have extra storage space. You need not visit the app store and get this application, it is already there on the iPhone.

The iCloud photo library is Apple’s part all in one device syncing facility and the iPhone backup. This app will allow for the backup of the videos and the photos which are stored in iPad, iMac, and iPhone to a shared space called the iCloud so that across the devices there is accessibility.

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The best app

This app is perfect for people who use regularly the same Apple ID on more than one device. When a change is made on a particular device, and a photo is deleted, then that will be reflected in the what the holds of the iCloud. If you are looking for an application for the storage purpose that will allow for uploading of your pics and deleting the same pics from your iPhone in the knowledge that it is will be there in the cloud, then you can go for some other applications for the storage of the photos.

There is also one way of freeing up space on your iPhone and make use of the iCloud photo library. For this, all you need to do is to select the option to optimise iPhone storage, when activating the photo library of the iCloud through the settings in the photos. This option will activate the iCloud photo library and will store automatically the full versions of the resolution of your pics in the iCloud. It will also replace it with a  version which is space saving in your iPhone. For downloading purpose the originals are always available when you require or need them.


To upgrade the iCloud photo library to its full potential you need to pay an extra charge as it offers only 5 GB which may not be sufficient for you. If you are not interested in paying, then you will be going over the allocated space which is free then the upload of the pics will cease. Additional space which is worth 0.99 dollars will give you an extra space of 50 GB. This is the cheap offer. There are other plans also which are available for 2 TB or the 200 GB. With this big plans, you can share the storage space with the members of the family.



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