iPhone cloud is a service that helps to keep all your devices in sync. You can as share your details or information between an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad including the computer. Details on each device are updated to make sure that the current information is available on all synchronized devices.

iphone cloud

iPhone cloud stores photos, videos, music, documents, apps and lots more which keeps them updated all within your devices. It also allows you to share photos, location, calendar, and more with your friends and family. iPhone cloud can also be useful in finding any of your devices in a situation where you’ve lost your device(s).

How the iPhone Cloud Works

There are ways the iPhone cloud works which you might not know. This is easy to access but some users may find it difficult to do so because they don’t know how to go about it. I am going to explain in details below how an iPhone cloud works;

  • Once you have set up your iPhone cloud on your iPhone device, then you sign in to cloud on your other devices including the computer making use of the same apple I.D.
  • iPhone cloud also includes web versions of important ios and mac apps such as mail, calendar, and reminders you can make use of from any supported web browser.
  • Also, to sign up for iPhone cloud, you need an iPhone I.D but in a case where you have none, you can as well create one when you sign up.
  • iPhone cloud comes with 5GB of free iPhone cloud storage. Also, you can upgrade to more storage for a small monthly charge.

Where to find the iPhone Cloud

There are places you can find an iPhone cloud that might seem difficult for some users to do because they don’t know how to do it or they don’t have an idea on the procedure to access it, but this is quite simple. I will explain where you can find iPhone cloud which includes the following below

  • First, you launch the settings app on your iPhone or iPad running ios 8 or higher
  • Second, you tap on the iPhone cloud
  • Third, you tap on iPhone cloud drive
  • Then you also turn on the option for iPhone cloud drive

How to View the iPhone Cloud Account Information

There are ways or step at which you can view your iPhone cloud account setting which you might not have the idea. But for a better understanding has been done in my previous articles, read the steps below.

  • The first step is to launch the settings app
  • Secondly, you tap on your iPhone id banner
  • Thirdly, you scroll down and tap a device to view or remove it from your cloud account
  • Also, you remove from account
  • Then you also scroll back up and tap the name, phone numbers, and email
  • Then you tap password and security
  • And lastly, you tap on payment and shipping

How to BackUp your iPhone

There are steps to take in order to back up your iPhones that you might not know. It is very important to back up your iPhones in a case where you lose your device. This is very important or useful to the users because it helps to revive back all your device.

  • First and foremost, to start your iPhone cloud, make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • Secondly, you go to settings and click on your name and tap cloud.
  • Thirdly, you tap cloud backup. If you have os 10.2 or earlier, it will just tell you to back up
  • Then you can now hit the back up.

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