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All about boomerang on Instagram

Instagram is a social app for free sharing of photos and videos on android, Apple iOS devices, and windows. The services offered to users is that people can upload photos and videos of them and share with their followers or some selected number of persons or friends on Instagram. They can also like posts, view comments made on a post etc.

The Instagram app is mainly if not all about visuals. Everyone’s main purpose on Instagram is to view and share the best photos and videos. That way they get to have a rising amount of followers counting. And you get to follow as many people as you want to view their photos and videos.

Instagram is one amazing app that has come a long way. Initially, when it was launched, people could only filter the photos they want to post through an App without any other editing features. However, today with its constant updating and now being under Facebook Instagram has got a whole lot of filters and other editing features to improve your experience

What is boomerang on Instagram?

Initially, a dedicated app used to create short videos that loop back and forth, which would be in the form of GIF. However, now boomerang features are now integrated into Instagram itself that you do not have to use a separate app. Boomerang mode is now a feature inside the Instagram app, which you can find in the Instagram stories camera.

So, you do not need to go outside Instagram to create that GIF videos or edit videos. The classic boomerang is now big time integrated into Instagram with new features.

Boomerang new features

In addition to the traditional feature of boomerang of creating a back and forth looping video, boomerang now has some new features included into it. After creating a video clip, go to the new infinity icon on the left-hand side of the screen to see the new effects. Those effects are.

  1. Slowmo: this slows a video clip to half of the speed. Such as, if a clip is one of 2 seconds it becomes 4 seconds in length.
  2. Echo: you can add blur motion to the video frame and create a double visual effect
  3. Duo: this one rapidly rewinds the video and kind of cause a glitch transition
  4. Trimming: you can trim your video to indicate where the looping will start and where it will stop.

And that is it for the new features. When you are done capturing the clip and applying the effects, you can then, publish it to your stories or even share it to your feeds. The boomerang video clip automatically saves to your camera roll.

About the old boomerang app and how it works

The app takes lots of photos and stitches them into an HD video loop. And as I said earlier, the looping means that the clip plays back and forth, that is playing forward and then backward, and make it look like a GIF. Boomerang videos do not include audios.

To view the video clip you captured, you should go to your phone gallery as the clip automatically saves to your phone.

To capture a clip you record your movement or something that is moving while holding the camera still.

How to access boomerang right inside Instagram stories

When you go into your Instagram page, swipe right to stories. At the bottom of the camera view in the stories, you will see, ‘normal’ and ‘boomerang’. When you select normal, you will only take normal photos or videos. But, when you select boomerang, it takes you to boomerang mode and you will see that the usual camera button at the centre bottom of the camera view turns to a looping infinity symbol.

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Tap on the infinity symbol to start and stop recording any movement. When you stop recording, it will take a moment to process and then you have a boomerang. With the new updates as I already stated earlier, you have the option to add some new effects such as slowmo, echo or duo. Then you will be given an option to add it to your story and share it to your feeds.

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