iMessage – Apple’s Messaging Service on Your iPhone

In a previous post we have mentioned imessege almost throughout the post. So, in this post we will be telling you about imessage, its use, how to use it and some other things to know about it. So, spare few minutes of your time to learn about the messaging service on your iPhone.

Imessage is an instant messaging service developed by apple inc for apple devices like iphone, ipad. It is just like your SMS and MMS and they even built in together. It allows you to send message to your contacts just like your SMS and MMS messaging but through internet. You can send texts, pictures, videos, emojis and the likes through the internet on wi fi or cellular data and you can have a group chat in it too.

And more interestingly, as discussed briefly in our previous post, you can play games with your contact via imessage and be having your conversation in between without interruption. imessage is that unique.

Sit tight while we walk you through it unique features and use.

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Some of the features are

  • Expressions and reactions: with unique emojis, you can send reactions like thumbs up, facial expressions to your friends just like you do on your facebook and whatsapp but more unique and it ease communications.
  • The bubble effects Screen effects: these effects make your conversation with friends more interesting and fun.
  • Handwriting and digital touch: you can type in a message and send to a friend who will receive it in animated format as if it were handwritten in front of him. And with digital touch you can send sketch, taps and even your heart beats.
  • Stickers and gifs: on your imessage, you have got a lots of developed stickers and GIFs which are interesting that you can modify and send to a friend.
  • And last but not the least, ‘games’: one more interesting feature of imessage is that you can play games in it and with you friends or family while still on conversation without interruption. And such as we had discussed in a previous post, check out…

Some games you can get and play on imessage

  • Wordie;
  • Cobi hoops
  • Let’s puck it
  • Boogle with friends
  • Mr. putt
  • Truth truth lie;
  • Simple trivia;
  • Unicorn jump;
  • Checkmate;
  • WIT puzzles;
  • Bubble pop;
  • Four in a row;
  • Fast thumbs;
  • 8-ball pool and more
  • Game pigeon

Tips: if you feel weary of downloading bunch of games, you can simply download game pigeon for free which has lots of in-app games you can purchase.

How to get the games on imessage

Simply launch into imessage app, open a new thread or tap on a new conversation, by the right at the bottom, tap on Apps icon and then in the app menu tap on the square dots icon and by the left corner tap on store icon which is the first, it will take you to the imessage app store where you will see a lot of game apps and stickers that are compatible with imessage which you can download. There you can download a whole lots of games and install on your imessage.

How to play games on iMessage                                                   

On your imessage contact, open a new thread or tap on a new conversation, tap on the Apps icon and then in the app menu tap on the square dots icon and find all the games you installed on imessage, there you can choose anyone and send a challenge to your friend to play, after playing his turn he will sent it back to you to continue you turn.

How to uninstall games on iMessage

When you get tired of a game or you want to free space on your memory or a game is not to your taste and then you want to delete it, simply open the imessage app, open a thread and tap on the app icon on the imessage that will bring up all your installed games then, long press on the icon of the particular game you want to delete until it wiggle and has the sign “X” on the top then tap on the “X” and it will be deleted.

Watch out for more details to come on imessage.

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