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Hulu, a place where you get all your favorite TV series just a few hours after it’s been aired live. And like YouTube, it also comes with a feature of Hulu TV.

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About Hulu

It was launched in 2007 as one of the best sites to catch up with favorite movie series and their episode. As it when Hulu started it was free! Yeah free, possibly over time, they felt their services was too good to be offered on a platter of gold. Hence three years after launch, it became a site where one has to subscribe for by paying a token every month

Although a free version still exists, which lasts for 7 days. More like a trial.

We will be looking in depth of Hulu for a couple of minutes. So stay with me as I take you through the fantastic journey of getting to know Hulu, from their good side to the bad and back to the good.

Hulu Contents and Features

Hulu has a wide range of current movie series on their site, it’s user-friendly and very easy to access.

From getting to their menu, you are exposed to other submenus, the drawback to this is, it becomes very difficult to get back to the main menu, hope they someday look into this.

Like Netflix, Hulu has tried to keep its users up to date. As they get to suggest movies they think you will like to watch judging from previous search and movies you’ve streamed before. Which I personally feel it’s good, it enables you just log on to watch relatable movies.

Also, Hulu helps to keep track of streaming movies. If you’ve watched half way and somehow you went off, you can be sure to continue your movie from where you stopped.

Pros and Cons

The downside to Hulu is lack of parental control. Kids are exposed to various movies they ought not to be exposed to as no restrictions are on the ground.

It would have been good if during subscribing there is strong verification process whereby underaged have restrictions when they try to stream rated movies.

Secondly, Hulu has no offline version. So if you’ve been thinking you can download movies from Hulu to watch later, sorry to burst your bubble, it doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s part of their near future goal.

Well, the year is still fresh.

Hulu has a feature of Live TV. Here they have over 50 channels to choose from Disney channel, FX, Fox News, TNT, Fox sport, CNN and lots more. Although it comes at a price of $40 per month.

Pros to Hulu TV is the ease of huge payment for a cable network, it’s like an easy run to when trying to avoid cable subscriptions

Con to this feature is the lots of ads and buffering time. From reliable comments of others, most time you might have to turn off your device and turn on because it crashes every other time. Hopefully, they get to work on this for the price paid by consumers isn’t worth this much stress.

Hulu Subscription Options

Hulu comes in a free trial version for 7days

After which a monthly payment rolls in. The good thing with the free version is, before the 7th day if you not enjoying Hulu, you can choose to cancel your subscription. If you don’t cancel your account will be debited.

$8/month comes with a free access to your favorite TV programs. The downside to this is the commercial Ads that can be really frustrating from watching an episode that would last for let’s say. 40min, you get an add of 7minutes in all

$40 per month for the Hulu live TV.

With this, you have free access to all channels of your choice with Ads but with a few additional $5 you can pay off the ads. Meanwhile, it doesn’t stop a few other commercial ads that have been placed on certain channels. So yeah you kinda stocked with ads on Hulu.


Hulu has an app that is readily available on the iOS device, Android, Chromecast, Xbox One.

Customer Service/help desk:

With the lots of frequently asks questions, technical issues can be fixed without a direct contact to Hulu customer representatives. Although you can reach out to them by chatting them up or sending an email of your complaint.

How to Renew Hulu Subscription

  • On your browser, go to
  • Go to subscription, choose the one you want
  • You will be required to create an account
  • After inputting your personal details, you will be required to put in your credit card details. When successful, happy viewing.

Final Thoughts on Hulu

Hulu has come a long way with their services rendered, just one or two hitches, which doesn’t rule out their good work and constant improvement. Rating this site I will give it a 3/5.

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