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There is a great chance you’re among the majority of the world who like me, would just love to have a movie download app which is absolutely free on their phone. Would you be glad to have an app which you can stream or download as much as you’d like? An app that gives you unlimited access to lots of TV series? Well, you’re just in luck because I have just the app for you.

This app is unique in its own way and its called the Hubi Movie App. This article is going to give you the deets on all you need to know about this amazing movie download app.

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The Hubi movie app is strictly a movie app as the name implies. It allows you to download and stream TV series, movies, TV channels and more on your smartphone or computer. With the Hubi movie app, you can also choose the type of video player you would prefer to use when streaming movies or other hos of movies online. The movie app provides you with a variety of movie posters and logos. So you are sure to find numerous streaming links associated with the movie of your choice.


The Hubi movie app user interface is good looking and easy to understand. So you would find it easy to get familiar with. No guidance is needed to understand the app, the user interface is an attractive screen that provides you with a bold ‘download’ button and a ‘play’ button. If you have a particular movie or series you would prefer to watch, you can enter its url in a box provided at the top of the screen.

You can also check your downloads in the ‘downloads’ tab and to check the movies or TV series, you have already downloaded, then check out the ‘history’ tab.


Like I said earlier, the Hubi movie app is very easy to use whether in watching movies or in downloading them. But you must follow these steps in order to be able to download or watch movies, series, and other videos on the app.


To begin to use Hubi movie app, you must first install the app on your smartphone; simply visit Google play store to get the app on your android phone. Search for the Hubi movie app and download on your phone. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the app, then proceed to install on your phone.


Once the Hubi movie app is successfully installed on your phone, the next thing is to launc the app. If you launch it, its user interface will emerge on your screen. Then you can now begin to download or stream your favorite TV series, movie and other videos online.


In the box provided at the top of the screen, insert the url of the video you would like to download or stream and then tap ‘enter’. You have to make sure the url is correct or the Hubi movie app won’t be able to find the app. In such case where you can’t enter the url, use a browser to find the video and then copy the url. You can then relaunch the Hubi movie app and paste the url in the box provided.

But the app can also get the video without the url, simply open any video on Youtube and then click on the ‘share’ button, choose Hubi from the list of option. This free movie download app will automatically copy the link and you can begin the download. This goes for other movie source which provides a share button. But you have to make sure to enter the right search query or chances are, you won’t find what you’re looking for.


To stream your desired movie or video, tap on the ‘play’ button provided on the interface. Also, to download your favorite moviee, TV serieenor any other videos, tap on the provided ‘download’ button. It is important to note that whilebthe Hubi movie app supports many services, it does not support all device and its download speed on some devices is relatively slow.


The Hubi movie app is a valuable app to have in your phone because the downloads are slick and the quality of the videos are really good. It is an amazing appto use and if you follow the few steps provided above, then you would find unlimited access to numerous movies, TV series, TV channels and more on the movie download app. With the app, you can stream or download your favorite movies and videos online easily.

We would love to hear your experience, queries or comments concerning the app, so share with us in the comment session and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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