How to Setup Apple Pay


Business transactions just became easier for Apple customers – iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch users. Now, payments can be made within two or more people using Apple Pay. Apple pay is a contactless mobile payment and digital wallet service that allow Apple users to make transactions or payment in person on the web or iOS applications.

Apple pay is very similar to the contactless payments already used in many countries but with an upgrade which is the addition of two-factor authentication via Touch identification, face identification, Passcode or PIN.

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Apple pay has a feature called Apple Pay Cash that allows Apple users to transfer money. This feature is integrated into the messages app, like you can send and receive money just like you are sending and receiving a text message. Apple Pay is similar to Alipay, PayPal because it completely overlays the normal traditional card payment methods.

The difference among the traditional instant payment system and Apple Pay is that a transaction between parties is not immediate. Settlement time depends on the payment method that the customer chooses, while for instant payment system, transactions are made with seconds and minutes. All you have to do is have an updated operating system and there is definitely no need for any additional downloads unlike other peer-to-peer payment services.

Apple Pay Application gets more interesting, apart from being able to send and receive money in your messaging app, you can also use a virtual assistant named Siri, and this involves a voice command like “send 25 dollars to Ryan for shopping”. That easy… I really find it really interesting. Apple pay transactions funded with a debit card are free while a little charge is attached to credit card transactions. Before transfers can be made with apple Pay, transfers must be approved with your Touch identification, passcode, Face Identification on the phone and Apple watch.

Apple’s payment options are limited to debit and credit cards issued by banks and unlike other payment services, Apple’s services doesn’t let you link up other banks to fund transfers. Apple pay has become the simplest and the most convenient way to make person to person payments in iPhone, IPad and Apple watch.


If you are feeling a bit insecure about Apple pay, well, there is no need to be scared because privacy and security are fundamental to the design of this service. You can view the history of your transactions made from or your phone or watch as well as the purchase you made in the web, stores and apps with Apple Pay Cash. The next question on your mind is probably how to set up Apple Pay, trust me… that is the next step.


I am sure you have quite understood the concept of Apple pay and if you are an Apple user, then you should pay full attention to the steps I am going to be stating soon. Setting up Apple Pay is quite simple and easy but there are conditions, notwithstanding, I will be listing what you need to set up Apple Pay.

To set up Apple pay, you will need the following;

  • You must have a compatible device; IPhone, IPad, Apple watch which are updated
  • Then, you make sure you sign in to ICloud with your Apple Identification in the device that you want to use for the receiving and sending money.
  • You must also have an eligible credit and debit card in wallet, so that you can send money.
  • After all of these have been done, then the next step is to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Then, verify your identity, this is just for security purpose
  • Voila… you can now send and receive money with families and friends quickly, easily right from your iPhone, IPad or Apple Watch.

See… I told you it was easy, just some few steps and you are done setting up Apple Pay. Now, you know what Apple Pay is and how to set up Apple Pay, take a quick read again and let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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