You’ve probably been hearing all about Uber from friends, a close associate and the public at large and you’ve been wondering what the craze is all about.

uber app

You probably have no idea what an Uber is; let alone the reason for wanting an account with them. So you ask around and they tell you that Uber is a platform that lets ordinary people with personal cars use their vehicles to transport people from one venue to another while getting paid for it. That probably got you interested because

(a) you could use the extra cash or
(b) it would be a great way to get to places faster if you don’t have to wait forever for a cab to come along.

Now you are curious enough about how to set up an Uber account but have no clue how to go about it. Rest assured, today is your lucky day because this article will you the steps you need to take to set up an Uber account.

To set up an Uber account, you need to get the Uber App from the Google Play store or the App (iOS). Then once you have the app, you can to register as a rider or a driver. If you intend to register as a rider, then follow the following steps to set up an Uber account.


  1. Once you open the app, it will present you with a ‘register’ link and once you click on it, it requires you to enter your phone number. The phone number must be a valid one because Uber will send a 4-digit confirmation code to your phone number through an SMS message.
  2. Once you receive the SMS, copy out the confirmation code and input it in the box provided. If the message never got to you, hit ‘resend’ on the app. After inputting the confirmation code, click on the arrow to continue.
  3. The next page requires you enter your email address, once again, make sure to enter a valid email address and then hit the arrow to continue again.
  4. Next, you have to enter a password for your account; the password must have at least eight characters and should include a blend of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Once this is settled, tap the arrow to continue once again.
  5. At this stage, Uber requires you to enter your first and last name, after inputting the data, click on the arrow to continue.
  6. Uber then presents you with its terms of service, to agree to the terms stated, tap the arrow to continue.
  7. At the top left corner of the screen is the menu, tap on it and click ‘payment’.
  8. It will take you to a list of options, tap ‘payment method’. If you have a promo code or gift code you want to use to get a discount, then click on ‘add promo/gift code’
  9. Otherwise, proceed to choose credit or debit card, you will be required to enter your card number and billing information. If you want to use Paypal or any other payment processing platform, follow the instructions presented to log in to your account and approve charges from Uber.
  10. Once you’ve entered your information correctly and completely, then you are ready to book your first ride. So go ahead and make your reservations for a smooth ride.

If you want to register as a driver on the other hand, you have to visit their website You cannot do it from the Uber app.
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  1. Once you visit the app, click the ‘become a driver’ link on the page. It’s at the top right corner of the page. It is noteworthy that you have to be 21 years or older, possess a driver’s license that’s valid and have a legally register car to be a driver for Uber. Your car must also meet the criteria Uber provides.
  2. the next page requires you to enter your personal information which includes your full name, phone number etc. Once you’ve inputted the details on the form located on the right side of the screen, click next to proceed.
  3. The next page ask you to choose what type of vehicle you will be driving. The option includes vehicle or taxi/livery. Pick personal vehicle if you intend to use your own vehicle or taxi if you intend to be driving a cab, then click continue.
  4. Uber requires a form of identification. Probably social security number or your identification card number which Uber intends to use for a background check to confirm you are legit.
  5. Uber requires you to agree and acknowledge to the background check, so click the link provided to ‘agree and acknowledge’. Note that Uber does not share your credit details or your information with anyone.
  6. After the background check, the next page requires you to upload a picture of your driver’s license; you can take the picture with your phone or upload from your files/gallery. Then click on ‘upload photo’
  7. Next, Uber intends to inspect you, so you are required to pick an inspection centre close to you on the next page so that an Uber inspection agent can have a look at your car and certify it once satisfied. Make sure to carry along your license and car registration files (not necessarily the originals) to the inspection centre.
  8. Once your car has been certified by the Uber agent, you have to take a picture of the vehicle inspection form. Visit and click ‘driver sign in’
  9. Once you upload the photo of your vehicle inspection question, a question will pop up asking whether you completed your inspection. Click ‘yes’
  10. You will then be required to upload images of some documents like your insurance card, registration card etc.
  11. Once you’ve uploaded these documents required, download the Uber app from your play store or app store. Log in on the app and a video will be sent to you teaching you more about driving with Uber including how to use the Uber app.
  12. As long as your documents are approved, you are bound to receive a welcome kit from Uber in days or weeks in your mail and it will contain information you will need to get on the road. Once you receive that, then congratulations, you are an Uber driver!

Note that if you already signed up for Uber as a passenger, you just need to visit the website. Click on the ‘become a driver link’, then click ‘log in’ beneath the form created for inputting personal information.

Once you log in, you can follow the steps listed about on how to set up an Uber account for drivers from there. If this article was helpful on how to set up an Uber account, or you have any questions or insight you would like to share, reach out to us in the comment box below and we’d answer you right away.