How to set up the Facebook shop 2021

Facebook Shops

As many as 25,000 stores could close this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Coresight Research. But while in-store retail traffic has slowed for most businesses, online purchases are booming.

The amount customers spent online with U.S. retailers grew by more than 30% in the first and second quarter of 2020. While online spending’s accounted for almost 19% of total retail sales during this period of time.

By setting up a free Facebook Shop, sellers can create an online store that lives within Facebook and it enables shoppers to asses and buys the popular social media apps. Let’s take a good look at what a Facebook Shop is and what it can do for your business, as well as how to start your own Facebook shop.


What is a Facebook Shop?

A Facebook Shop is a mobile shopping experience that lives inside the Facebook app. Millions of businesses have already started selling on the shop.

The Facebook Shop experience feels native to  social networks and works on any device, but it is designed primarily for a mobile. Because of this mobile concentration, Facebook has enabled sellers to communicate with customers using chats on Facebook Messenger.

Consumers can find shops on a business Facebook Page . They can also be discovered through ads on Facebook Stories. And sellers can also customize the personalized layouts and colors of their shops to give their stores a more branded and unique look.

Any Facebook  business can set up Facebook Shops, and if you’re already selling on a popular ecommerce platform, your setup is even easier. Facebook has partnered with numerous selling platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce  and so one.

How much are Facebook Shop fees?

It is free to set up a Facebook Shop,  but Facebook will begin to charge fees on each purchase through Commerce Manager in 2021. However, Facebook says monetization of Facebook Shops will come from advertising.

When a sale is made through your Facebook Shop, a selling fee will automatically be deducted from your payout. 

The fee will apply to all transactions whenever you’re using Commerce Manager and it includes both taxes and the cost of payment processing.

To make changes to the look of your storefront, select “Shops” in the left-hand menu, and afterwards click the blue “Edit” button opposite your shop.

How to set up a Facebook Shop

You can have your Facebook Shop up and running in the same day with just a few simple steps.

  1. Add your products.

Before you can launch your Facebook Shop, you first need to have a catalog of products you want to work with.

You can add products manually, do a bulk of uploads and add items with the Catalog Batch API. If you have already uploaded products to Facebook.  You may also be able to import your products to Facebook directly from your gallery.

  1. agree to merchant terms and policies. Make sure you read these over and over again. It can include detailed information about what you can sell on your Facebook page.
  2. add business payment details
  3. describe what you’re selling so your customers can assess before proceeding to order.
  4. add the products you want to sell to your shop
  5. And lastly create collections:  Collections are groups of 6-30 selected products that can be organized in any way you like: and it can be arranged by product types, seasonal events, sales, and many others.  Your shop is set and ready to go.
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