How to Link or Pair a Second PS4 controller to your PS4 Console

If you have bought a second ps4 controller, you may not know how to pair it up with the console. That is if you are a newbie of course. In online communities, some people even come to the conclusion that their controller is faulty. This is probably because PS4 is the first game console to have a different setup for its controller.

Funny as it seems connecting or pairing a second PS4 controller is very easy. It is just a little tricky, and you don’t need to feel embarrassed when you eventually figure it out.

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I also had the challenge of setting up a second controller with my PS4, the first time. I remember pressing the reset button severally, but when it still didn’t work, I thought the controller was faulty. When I couldn’t figure it out, I had to go online to watch some youtube videos to figure it out.

The truth is you can only use another PS4 controller by creating a new user profile for it. Once this is done, the controller will sync or pair itself with the PS4 console. I guess that is one of the unique features of the PS4, and you wouldn’t find that in other game consoles. Below is a detailed step by step guide in setting up a ps4 controller with the ps4 console.

How to link the PS4 Controllers to a PS4

In summary, connect the first controller by choosing a default profile from the profile screen which will take you to the homepage. Connect the second PS4 controller by choosing a different profile after clicking on the PS4 button. This will automatically pair both controllers to the ps4 with each controller carrying a different color.

Now for a more detailed step;

The First PS4 Controller Setup

  • First turn on the PS4 console by clicking the PS button with the first Controller. This will take you to a user profile page.
  • With the first controller choose a default user profile and select to take you to the home screen.
  • The first controller is automatically connected and it will have a blue bar light.

The Second PS4 Controller

  • Press the PS button on the second ps4 controller. This will take you to the user profile page. The controller is going to show a red bar light.
  • Click on New User and select ‘Play as Guest’.
  • The next page will give you an option to ‘Sign in to PSN’. Click No.
  • You will be redirected to the homepage. Voila, your Second controller is connected.

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What if the Second Controller still doesn’t Pair itself with the PS4 console?

There have been complaints of the ps4 not connecting to the ps4 after following the right steps. Well, some controllers do have bugs sometimes and may not work with some consoles.

However, you can always try resetting the controller and follow the procedures again. To Reset the PS4 look for a hole at the back of the controller and press it with a Pin. After this is done, follow the above steps again.

Still not working? ensure the controller is fully charged, then try it again.

Note: For new controllers ensure to connect it with the USB cord to the Console before pairing.

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