If you will to know how much of a gift code you currently own, you’ll have to go to your account page on either a desktop or your mobile device.


You can not check the value of your gift card before loading it but you can check your amazon gift card’s available balance before completing any purchase or transaction. Amazon will use the balance of a gift card loaded into your account and then revert it to your primary payment method. It is important to know how much balance is left in your amazon gift card if you would not like to spend your own money.

Amazon gift card codes are generated automatically by the app and are unique to each of the users.

However, to confirm that your gift codes have been applied to your amazon account, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Go to and log into your account
  • Click the accounts or list menu
  • Click on the gifts card tile
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Verify to see if your gift card appears on the gift card activity table. You can as well check and see if your gift card balance has been applied.

Issues regarding gift code redemption

Already applied the gift card?

When you enter the claim code on the amazon website, they will keep the balance on your account for use for the potential purchases so that you won’t need to enter the codes again. When you see an error message that your gift card or voucher has already been used, it’s probably that the code had been used to another account or might be your own account.

Is your gift card applied to the wrong account?

Your gift card might have been used by another account. When you enter the code to claim your gift code, it will be automatically added to your log in account. Whenever you want to redeem a gift, make sure you’re logged in correctly to avoid adding your codes to the wrong account.

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Once the claim codes have been redeemed, gift cards cannot be transferred to another account. An unused gift card in the amazon account balance cannot be transferred to any other account.

From the amazon gift card pages on your mobile or desktop, you can easily or quickly redeem your gift card or opt to redeem your balance adding the cash to your amazon account from your debit card or directly from your bank.

Most amazon gift cards comes with an amount printed on the physical card on your email. In a case you don’t know the total amount on an unredeemed amazon card above are the ways to find out.

Once you have some money on your gift card fund, Amazon will use the balance on the gift card balance as payment for your purchase. So when shopping you don’t have to remember using your amazon gift card.

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