Amazon gift cards

An Amazon gift card is a certificate, gift voucher or token can be a prepaid stored money card issued by a retailer or a financial institution and can be used as alternative cash to make payments after purchase within a particular shop or a related business.

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It may also be given out by employers or organizations as a reward or compensation. It can also be distributed by amazon retailers or marketers in form of a promotion strategy, to entice the new owner to keep on patronizing the business. From the purchaser’s point of view, it is a gift awarded in place of an object which the recipient may not need, when the giving of cash as a present may be regarded as socially inappropriate.

Uses of amazon free gift cards

These cards are good for all Amazon products in the store which includes; music, videos, electronics, kindle books, games and some more.

Ways of getting the amazon free gift cards

  1. Take surveys:  inbox dollars, opinion outpost, and mypoints offer surveys on many ranges of topics. As one submits his/her surveys, you’ll earn points that can be cashed out on amazon or other retail gift cards. It can also be used as a general means of PayPal payment. We have to also note that it can take a little while to accumulate one’s points and it’s usually for a smaller amount.
  2. Play games: if you’re a type that loves playing games online, you’ll enjoy this even better. You can play games in exchange for points and can afterward use these points in an exchange of gift cards in places like amazon. An application site like AppNana, Swagbucks, and App down accepts this point system. All you have to do is to reach certain levels and stages, watch videos, and download applications. Make sure you’re not giving more data than you should. You’ll have to be patient as to not expect huge rewards immediately. Some of the games store rewards players by simply logging on each day.
  3. Purchase groceries:  buy a product from your local grocery store, take a picture of your receipt and submit them in the app.
  4. Share your recommendations about the products. This effort might take a lot of time as you’ll have to sign up for such a program.
  5. Trade stuffs with amazon: you can send your already used electronics for assessment. Items shipping is entirely free at no charges and once they’re being assessed, you’ll be paid their current value. If your items are rejected, Amazon will send them back to you so you can try to sell them elsewhere.
  6. Pick up extra works.  Amazon can pay you in gift cards when you work with Mechanical Turk, its own crowdsourcing service. If you have some free time and can spare, sign up for mechanical Turk and you’ll earn some free cards.
  7. Use a credit card. if you’d like to register a new line of credit, check the Amazon visa card, you’ll earn some points when you use your card on and off amazon.  It’s easy to note that you’ll earn more on the Amazon site.  Gifts are redeemed faster with the use of the amazon gift card.

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