How to Deactivate or Cancel Tidal Subscription Services

Tidal is known as a subscription-based video, music, and podcast streaming service which combines HD music videos and lossless audio with special features and exclusive content on music. The tidal was first launched by Norwegian public company Aspiro on October 28, 2014. It works in different platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and OS X and it is available in five formats namely ALAC, MQA, AAC, M4A FLAC.

It posses a catalog of over 70 million songs and is available in about 53 countries. A selling point key for tidal in relation to competing with other online streaming services, for example, Pandora Radio and Spotify. It is the exclusive content which is already available and it is expected for the future from current artists who co-own the company and others as well.

Tidal streams concerts live regularly and also on-demand which includes the Tidal × Brooklyn and the Made in America festival. Tidal live-streamed hot 97’s in 2018 at the 25th annual summer jam. And in the same 2018, tidal partnered with Equal Justice Initiative just to live stream The Concert for Peace and Justice. After tidal was launched and the press conference, the mobile version of the service rises to the top 20 of the US iPhone Apps chart and these follow a criticism for it’s out of touch marketing campaign in which the app has already drop-down of the top 700 rankings of that same list.

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How to deactivate tidal service

If you want to deactivate or cancel your tidal service subscription you can be able to do that at any time. Before the deactivation process starts, you have to remember what your preferred method of payment was when you subscribed. If you are not sure then you can log in your tidal account with to check. Select any instructions that are below that matches with your details to deactivate the tidal service: 

1. Sprint

The account that was registered via sprint devices can be deactivated through the following steps and the fees will be applied to your sprint bill:

  • open your device browser and log in to
  • make use of My Sprint on your mobile device.
  • then you contact the sprint customer support for help with a live representative.

2. Non-sprint (also known as mobile carrier)

The account which is paid and registered via your mobile device can be deactivated through the following way:

  • you should contact the customer service department of your mobile device for help with a live representative. To be able to protect your privacy, we are unable to make changes to your account or view your account.

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How to deactivate or cancel tidal service from Tidal App or Website

If you have already signed up to a tidal account directly using a PayPal or a Credit Card then the steps below will guide you on how to deactivate your tidal account:

  1. Open your device browser and visit
  2. You will then log in the account with your username, which is the email you use for creating the account and you will type your password or passcode.
  3. Tap on subscription and afterward select Cancel My Subscription to deactivate.
  4. Confirm the cancelation after that.

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How to deactivate or cancel tidal service from iTunes or Apple Wallet

If you register your tidal account directly from your Apple Wallet or iPhone then follow the steps to deactivate the account:

  1. Select the Apple iTunes cancelation and the in-App purchases.
  2. But if you did not see an Active subscription in your Apple Wallet then it means that you are being billed via one of the other payment methods mentioned above. You can also confirm your Apple Account Status by directly contacting Apple Support.

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