How to Become a Freelance Ads Manager

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Facebook is a social media platform, we all know that but across the years, this platform has grown to become not just a platform to connect family and friends across the globe but also a business platform. As more and more people use Facebook to sell their goods and make money, more jobs have been created by the platform and one of those is a Freelance Facebook Ads Manager.

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Yes, it is possible to earn a good living through Facebook as a freelance Facebook Ads Manager. It is not easy but it is not hard either. If you’re interested in working as a freelance facebook ads manager, then trust me, you’ve arrived at the right place.

What is it all about?

One might ask what the whole fuss is all about, working as a freelance facebook ads manager is all about listening to your client’s goal for an ad campaign, creating audiences, researching the market and the relevance of the client’s offer, implementing strategies that will help your client’s brand increase engagement and have a lasting relationship with its target audience.

A freelance facebook ads manager basically gives his/her client the best deal in Facebook ads. The job is all about getting familiar with various target audiences, graphics and cost that works for each brand marketing. A Freelance Facebook manager knows how to position an ad campaign to get the desired result

Skills Needed to Become a Freelance Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads manager is all about creating relationships with people, you are required by your client to give his/her brand a face people are interested in and you need certain skills that make this job easier for you.

Customer Service

your major task as a freelance facebook ads manager is bringing people together and so, it is important to have great customer skills.

You can achieve this by creating either a Facebook Business Page or a Facebook group so you can interact with clients and prospective clients on a regular basis. You would need to be ready to offer assistance whenever questions come up.

Copywriting Skill

This is a skill very relevant to the post of Freelance Facebook ads manager. Since you would be spending a lot of time writing creative content and responding to queries. Excellent writing skills are important. You need to learn how to write interesting short copy for ads that will capture your audience attention.

Creative Skill

Your success as a freelance facebook ads manager depends on your creativity. The more creative your contents are, the easier it is to get prospective clients interested and increase your engagement. A little laugh never hurt anyone, so feel free to spice up your posts with a dash of humour.

SEO And Paid Advertising Knowledge

You need to understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works because clients expect it of you. It goes a long way to making sure your posts are seen by a lot of people. Understanding the best content that’ll get you a higher audience.

You also need to know more about paid advertising before venturing in. Knowing how to run Facebook ads is a skill that skyrockets your career as a freelance facebook ads manager.

Analytical and Adaptive Skills

Being able to analyze your data is important, being analytical helps you measure your efforts, it also helps you interpret the data you’ve compiled. Also, as Facebook changes, so does the marketing tactics. Being able to adapt quickly and efficiently helps you stay at the top.

How to Become a Freelance facebook ads manager

Learn the Skills

To become a successful freelance facebook ads manager, you must learn how to know your audience, reach the widest audience you can and also understand your audience. To learn these skills, you must also stay current, enrol in online courses and you’ll acquire these skills in no time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Use Facebook pages to practice your skills, learn how Facebook business pages, groups and Ads work. Practice on these platforms until you become really good at it.

Create a Personal Website

Once words get out that you’re a freelance facebook ads manager, prospective clients will come to check you out. So it is important to build your online presence. Once you create a freelance website, you can state your services, rates and experience on your website.

Locate Clients

After setting up yourself, get clients. Check out entrepreneur groups on Facebook, runs ads advertising your services and also contact potential clients via email telling them what you offer.

Get Reviews

As you build your client list and do jobs, make sure clients drop reviews for you on work done. A lot of people check out reviews, so this goes a long way on building your portfolio


You can get jobs on some credible freelance sites like Craiglist, Upwork, freelancer, mashable, Fiverr and so much more. Never stop practising your skills no matter how overwhelming it gets. Once you get the hang of it, you’d find it to be one of the most lucrative jobs out there and it only requires a laptop and a good internet connection. Don’t waste time, get busy so you can get rich.

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