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Downloading Bollywood movies from movie sites to watch offline is quite popular and preferred by most to streaming the movies online. This is probably because you get to bypass the infuriating constant pop-up ads, buffer and even more importantly, you get to┬ákeep your favorite Bollywood moviea so you can watch it as many times as you’d like after downloading them off the movie download site.


If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, then you’ve probably come accross Hd9.in in your search for a download site. Hd9.in was popular for providing users with the latest Bollywood HD movies and music videos but while Hd9.in was indeed awesome, there are alternatives where you can get bollywood movies just as easily.

But getting Hindi movie sites which offer free access to users to download the latest Hindi movies can prove to be difficult, that is why we have compiled this list of movie aites which are good alternatives to Hd9.in.

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Clubmp4.com is famous and straightforward just as the name sounds. It is quite easy to search for movies on the site because of the extensive covering of a lot of movie genres. It is quite rare to get disappointed when you visit mp4 because the websitenis user generated, so no matter how many broken links you stumble upon, you are bound to eventually get what you want.

Club mp4 provides better services and functions when you register as a user of the site but you can still get a lot of bollywood movies from the site as a guest user. Just make sure to confirm the availability of files before actually clicking on download. A notable feature is that it offers videos in different file types.


Go films is refered to by many users aa a garden of indian movies because it provides you with a vast directory of bollywood movies, hindi-dubbed hollywood movies, Hindi tv shows and Punjabi movies. These movies are available in different genres and you can either choose to watch them online or download then in HD on this bollywood movie download site.

This bollywood movie site offers the movies in 640 x 360 screen size and different file types like 3GP, AVI and ultimately MP4. These movies can also play well on mobiles, computers, tablets and other streaming devices you might prefer to use. One of the best part about Go filmsbis that it is completely free of ads ad has a user friendly interface.


Movie spur is one of the best bollwood movie download site not omly because of its vast and extensive collection of Tamil and Hindi movies but also because users can meet up, gather on the site and discuss bollywood movies. It allows you to join a group of trustworthy and intelligent crowd whose main aim of gathering is their interest in Bollywood movies.

Amazing reason to check out this site is the fact that it allows you to download directly and also torrent fils for those who love seedin files together. So apart from the fact that you get to meet other rabid bollywood fans on the site to discuss and analyze your favorite bollywood movies, it offers other amazing features.


This is another amazing alternative to Hd9.in that is also like a commune website, this bollywood movie download site classifies its movies by grading them. It is also a favorite among many bollywood fans because it offers all sizes and qualities of bollywood movies. They provide movies in qualities like 480p, 720p and also 1080p which is full HD.

It also provides movies innvarying sizes like 220mb, 300mb, 400mb, 700mb, 1gig  and so many more sizes. It has a simple design and interface, there are also no annoying ads. So if you are looking for a site with a rich collection of bollywood movies in various categories such as Tamil movies, Bengali, Punjabi and more, then worldfree4u is one of the sites you should definitely check out.


Just like the name implies, movies den is where all the best movies reside. Getting the chance to download your favorite bollywood movies from various sorces have never been better. This is because while some people would just love to download directly, others would much prefer the use of torrent, movies den does not disappoint either of the groups. You get to make your choices not just concerning the movie but also, you can choose to join the site as a member or remain anonymous.

The various choices movies den offer its users is why it is one of the best bollywood download site and a great alternative to hd9.in.


Being the rare gem that they are, sites to download bollywood movies can be hard. This is because of their large sizes and also because they are usually divided into many parts. Hd9.in is one of many bollywood fan’s movie download site and finding alternatives can’t be so easy. But we’re here to save you the troubles by providing you with a list of sites you can easily get the latest and your favorite bollywood movies from.

If you have any queries or comments, reach out to us by dropping a comment behind and we’ll get back to you.

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